Thursday, October 24, 2013

Past Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, why not share some past costume ideas?

Some are store bought, some are handmade, some are just put together in a short time frame.

You'll get to see a lot of couple costumes... and see how cute we are ;)

Our First Year Together - 2007:

Knife Thrower and His Assistant

Gosh, I feel so old looking at these!  This is six years ago!!
I've worn this costume many times since.
Everyone appreciates this costume, as a couple or as a solo.
(Here's where we got a little creative)
Officer Sweetheart & Captain Sour Tart

This shirt was gifted to me by Matt's aunt and uncle - On the name tag, it actually says "Officer Sweetheart", so we went with it!  It's actually become one of my favorite costumes.
Do you see my duty belt?
My Night Stick: Unicorn Lollipop, Bullets: Gumballs, Tickets: Candy Buttons, Handcuffs: Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters, Keys: Measuring Spoons
We didn't have plans this year...  We were in the middle of wedding planning at this time.
So I threw this together to wear to work:

We're married!

What I wore to work:
Since no one else was dressing up this year, I still wanted to participate without going crazy...
Can you guess what I am?
A Skeleton Key!
Far stretch...?
That weekend, we had a party to attend.
Matt and I went as zombies, but I have no photos of us together!
Zombies is the ultimate, last minute costume.
Quick trip to the thrift store, fake blood, and some make up.

I went for a 50's vibe, wearing a polka dot dress, cardi, and pumps; 
although you can't really see that here:
Now we'll skip to 2012:
(We did absolutely nothing in 2011)
This is a couples costume that we used to make a special announcement:

Matt got his dream job back as an officer!  And the town he is working for has "Fox" in it ;)
And I had a special boy's birthday party to attend that year that Matt couldn't make it to:
So here was my better half that night:
Dorothy and The Tin (wo)Man

I'm still hoping to dress up as something this year... Although it may be a repeat... I only have plans to dress up for work... Boring, I know...
Anyone want to come over and watch scary movies with me??