Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Water it and Watch it BLOOM

Recently I accepted the challenge to make an enormous flower on a pin.  I loved it so much that I decided to give it a trail run with my polka dot dress.  I have to say, I loved this outfit and I received tons of compliments from females AND males.  Some I'm sure just shook their heads at me, but that's me :)  I'm the "flower girl" at my work, so I'm ok with that. :)

I can't wait to make more!!  In fact, I plan on making one for my recent eyelet trench in felt :)  Any suggestions on what color? :)

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Liz Claiborne, Goodwill
Shoes:  Target, clearanced
Flower:  ME, LLT

Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY: Flea Market Steal

Last month my mother in law and I went to the flea market, which is one of my all time favorite pastimes. 

She brought her friend's cart because we were going to be loading up three boxes full of candles.  After seeing such cart, I thought how fantastic they were for trips like this and for when I do craft shows and what not for my shop.  As nice as that cart was, and it was very inexpensive, $15, I was in absolutely no rush to grab one.

While we were scoring a shop, long and behold they have a little cart sitting out.  Mary instantly grabbed it and showed me. 

I loved it!  But the price is what really made me perk up :) :) :)

Want to know??



I mean, how could I pass this up??

Well, a month has passed and my plans with my little cart was to paint it my famous "ice cream parlor" blue.  I have my walls this color, my KitchenAid appliances this color, and much, much more. 

Well, it was my first time spray painting, so it's not a "perfect" job... Got a little on the wheels, but we plan to replace the wheels (sometime) and the bungee cords.  (I am thinking light pink bungee cords)  Besides, all the "good stuff", my husband did. :)  He gets an A+ in spray painting and I get a C?  HA HA!

Here's the before:

And the after, all prettied up:

It has a new life now!

I love it so much!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Work to Casual

I have a small obsession with Lauren Conrad... Ok... Maybe it's a tad bit big,  but I can't help myself!  I was sucked into the MTV series, Laguna Beach, and continued following her through The Hills.  And now with her clothing line at Kohls, I simply go insane!

I spent a majority of my day today with my oldest sister and my niece and nephew.  We spent most of that time at Kohls.  And yes, I bought more LC things.. Clearanced.  No, I really shouldn't have.  But when you score a LC sweater dress for $6.80, it's kind of hard not to be ecstatic!  My sister and I also got the same sweater from Apt. 9 but in two different colors.  This sweater is a sweater in front and a silky blouse in back.  Mm mmm.  Mine is in blushes and pinks and hers is in blues and tans.  Mine was cheaper, being only $10, while hers was $16.  Still didn't understand that one...  But we didn't argue with the clerk.  And she snatched up the Apt. 9 "eyelet" trench I just scored a few days ago! :)  We're going to be super, sexy twins in our matching sweaters and coats! :) 

Well, my Kohls days are over...  Yeesh.  It's hard to go shopping with someone and simply NOT shop.  It's also bad when you have coupons and a card for "such store".  Willpower was not in my favor today.  Oh well... The damage is done (the whole whopping $19 for three items) and now I'll go back to doing what I was supposed to do today.. Craft.  And getting ready for my husband's and my two year anniversary.  The clock is ticking and I'm not ready!!!  :)

Here's an outfit from a few weeks ago.  I loved the "work" day look but loved the casual spin to it as well.  And yes, that's a Lauren Conrad top.  What inspired me for today's post before I ran off topic. :)

Outfit Details: 
Top:  Lauren Conrad, Kohls, clearanced
Pants:  NY&Co., clearanced
Sweater:  VS, clearanced
White Shorts:  NY&Co.
Earrings:  Apt. 9, Kohls, clearanced
Heels:  Vera Wang, Kohls, clearanced
Bracelets:  Gift

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet Gem

Ohhh Fridays always make me sooo happy!  It's a beautiful, sunny day out and I can't wait to get the work day done so I can spend the rest of the evening with my amazing husband.

Here's the outfit of the day!

(I really need to get rid of the pole and mat in the background.. It's showcased in too many shots :D)

I adore this coral dress!  I feel like it's a modernized swing dress. Little flare + the cut = Love.
Might I point out that, no, it's not "cold"...  This is one fallback on this dress.  Sounds like a bad breakup.. It's me, not you.  But in this case it's the dress, not me. HA HA! :) 
This dress doesn't get out much due to dry cleaning.  We rarely go and always forget to pick up! :)  In fact, some of my favorite clothes are still at the dry cleaners waiting for us to snatch them. :)  Whoops!

Outfit Details:
Dress:  JCPenny, clearanced
Belt:  Kohls, clearanced (bought this along with the trench from yesterday)
Wedges:  Target, clearanced
Bracelets (with matching earrings; not shown):  Gift

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Everyone always hears, "If you have curves, show them off"!  It took me many, many years to finally get more comfortable doing exactly that.  But I know that once in awhile it's nice to step out and wear something slightly more form fitting and that enhances your curves.  I absolutely LOVE this dress.  And I know my hips look wide and my butt is.. well.. there.  But this dress is long enough and sexy enough.  And I love the high neckline.  No need to worry about the "girls" in this dress :)  And I love the zipper accent.  Gives it an edgy look in a small, small way.

(Do you like my spotlight on my Merlotte's mug??  I'm getting ready for True Blood, gearing up this Sunday!!!!)

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Target, clearanced
Wedges:  Target, clearanced
Scarf:  ME
Earrings:  Target, clearanced

BONUS!!  After many years of hunting, I finally bought a trench coat for Spring/Fall!  I showed you all this jacket a few months ago.. and now I have it!  It's from Kohls and I scored it, along with a belt and scarf for $26!!  So for less than the clearance price it's at.. All because I had yummy coupons!  WOOT WOOT!