Sunday, March 31, 2013

One Dress, Five Looks

Happy Easter!!
What a day!
My family and I celebrated Easter yesterday,
so today I stayed home and worked on things around the house.
I'm way behind schedule, even though it was a very productive day.
But, see, this post was supposed to be posted yesterday,
in hopes to help any Easter attires.
So go ahead and bookmark it until next year ;)
Please ignore my pasty legs... 
 I should have thought about a self tanner or maybe some tights before playing dress up
this early in spring :D
The objective is to pick one item and switch it up with different
accessories, clothing items, shoes, etc.
Take a peek!
(I apologize in advance with the overly highlighted photos.. I realized until the very end that I should have been standing elsewhere :D)
Feeling Blue:
Splash of Color:
Black 'n Blue:
(I wanted to pair my black Mary Jane heels with this look, however, one has gone missing.)

Kohls, Apt. 9, clearance
"Feeling Blue" Details:

Cardi:  NY&Co., recent, clearance
Necklace:  Sassy Steals
Heels:  Bandolino, old

"Splash of Color" Details:

Necklace:  Forever 21, clearance, recent
Shoes:  Target, old

"Black 'n Blue" Details:

Cardi:  Express, gifted
Belt:  Kohls, Apt. 9, clearance
Flats:  Target, clearance, old

"SPRING" Details:

Cardi:  NY&Co., old
Scarf:  Kohls, clearance, old
Flats:  Target, clearance, old

"Tweed" Details:

Blazer:  Talbots, Goodwill
Belt:  Target, Goodwill
Wedges:  Target, clearance, old
My favorites are spring and tweed!
I just love color!
What combo would you wear?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Instagram Lately

Today is full of sunshine, warmth, and "Lead Me Home"
(Jamie N Commons)
blaring in the background.
It's a good day!
I'll leave you with an overflow  of Instagram photos.

Most of my mornings consist of:
Mr. Ham gets showcased one last time... until fall.
Now it's trench time!
Moon roof open, sun is shining!
Too lazy and too beautiful to go inside.
Note to self:  Clean windshield
What's that inside?
Oh, this little beauty!
(Will be available in the shop soon!)
The father in law would be proud!
(Free with rebate!)
Homemade Salsa served with Tostitos Multi Grain Scoops!
Mm mmmm!!
Daryl Dixon Time!
I mean...  The Walking Dead time!
Had to have coffee in order to stay up :D
Would you eat here? 
I love surprises!!!
Mint Oreo Custard
My customers make my day every time!  
Driving the hub's car has some perks!
1.  Photos of us
2. Love notes from muah
3.  Sunglasses stashed
4. 60's on 6 
I'll cherish this piece forever...
And yes, they do exist ;)
Had to get some wafers after round two of Wreck it Ralph
(It's Venelope's spoiler!)
P.S.  That movie will make you cry... Grab the tissues! 
Dork Love! 
Ok this was the most randomised post ever!
But sometimes nothing makes sense and not everything goes together.
Such as life :)
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

H&M Steals and Deals

Happy Thursday!!!!!
Today I woke up feeling pretty happy and optimistic.
(even though I woke up late)
But, that soon took a dive.
Thankfully the weekend is almost here... 
And Easter!!
I just want to get sick off of deviled eggs and glazed ham.
And go on an Easter Egg Hunt!!
(Why do the kids get to do all  the fun?)
Quick FYI for you all...
H&M has all clearance pieces HALF OFF right now.
So see that big red sticker?  Take that number and slice it in half!
Here's what I snatched:

Coral/White Striped Tee
Original: $14.95
Sale:  $7
What I Paid:  $3.50
"Take a Chance on Love" Sweatshirt
Original: $24.95
Sale:  $10
What I Paid: $5
Pink Shorts
Original: unknown
Sale: $15
What I Paid: $7

Teal Swimsuit Bottoms
Original: $12.95
Sale: $3
What I Paid: $1.50
Grand Total:  $17.00
(before tax)
Now that's a great feeling!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mail Surprises

One of my favorite things in the world is to receive actual mail  in that little box that sits outside.

(versus the virtual mailbox I have online)

It fills me with such happiness and joy!!

Well, this wasn't such a surprise since I ordered it, but I was stoked!
I almost replaced JT's 20/20 with this but we were in the husband's car last night and I was feeling very selfish...
As I only wanted it in MY car...

However, this little package was indeed a surprise!!!! 
It took a little while to reach me due to the post office handling it.
I think they wanted what was inside ;)

I have the best friends EVER!!!!
I'm so blessed and loved, I swear!

Only the "good witch" would outline her sweet, hilarious letter with hearts!!! 
However, Jennie, Matt did ask what you meant by that and what that meant for ME!
Since we all know there's only ONE good witch ;)

I'll take it though!
Because their besties!

(As you can see, Jennie, my girls don't fill it out as much as yours did!)

As soon as I returned home last night, I jumped right back into this tee!
So comfy!!

And it's my favorite color!!!!!!

I love you, Jennie!
More than you'll ever know!
Thanks for making my Tuesday *extra* special!
You truly are amazing and I'm so thankful you're in my life!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coral Crushing

Tried switching up locations in my yard this morning, and feel like my hair just blends right in with the bare branches. ;)
Oh well.

Still chilly today but we're to reach the 50's by the end of this week!

In that mind set, I pulled out this coral gem.  It's so bright and happy.
And the back, although not shown, has a nice key hole cut out.

And tonight I finally get to curve my craving for Lou Malnati's!

Which reminds me of how life brings certain people into your life.
Matt and I have a date with our jeweler!
Although she no longer works there, we've kept in touch!
(Thank you, technology & social networks!)
Whenever we'd go to clean our rings or just to browse (what girl doesn't do that?),
we'd end up there for at least an hour, just chit-chatting.

She's a doll and I'm so looking forward to seeing her!
It's been so long!

Funny where you make friendships!

{Outfit Details}
Dress:  Goodwill, Mystic
Cardi:  Goodwill, Merona
Belt:  Goodwill, Target item
Necklace:  Gift
Bracelets:  Target, clearance, recent
Watch:  Kohls, clearance
Boots:  Madden Girl, gift
Leggings: VS