Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Easter was last weekend, right?  Oh wait... It was two weekends ago.  Yeesh.  I'm so thankful for everyone who still reads this even though I'm so neglectful.  You guys rock!

Well, here's my ol' Easter post which I was planning on posting many moons ago, but never got around to it.

Matt and I have a lot on our plates right now... Big decisions, big plans.  I'm pretty stoked!  But, more on that later... And, knowing my pattern, much, much later.  :)

My Easter consisted of taking selfies with Bunny a.k.a. Oreo (exhibit a ^), playing dress up, hiding eggs (even though I wish I was the one looking for them), laughter, bubbles, and most of all family.

And, we were blessed with such beautiful weather!  High 70s, sunshine, with a nice breeze.

Now it's been replaced with a high of the 50s and rain all week.

That's okay.  I love rainstorms.  
And, my non-green thumb needed this rain for some flowers I just (carelessly) planted.


{Outfit Details}
Dress: inlovewithavintageshop (IG)//Oxfords: Trotters (IG)//Belt: Target (Thrifted)//"Bunny" Necklace: H&M//Sunnies: Apt. 9 (Kohls)

I bought this dress in the dead of winter, yearning for a perfect day like this to showcase it.
This baby came with shoulder pads, but I took them out.  I love the modest length, darling button back, and pockets, not to mention the print.  

I actually bought this as a "Disney Dress".  Fitting, right?  Just add some ears and I'm good to go!

(Speaking of which, I'm planning on doing a Disney inspired post one of these days... The ideas are there; my productiveness just isn't.)

Enough of that.

Back to how I celebrated my holiday:

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house, but only left me some goodies.  Unfortunately, Matt must have pissed the Easter Bunny off because there was nothing left for him... 


 You have no idea how excited I was to see Phineas and Ferb's "Squirrel in my Pants".
Seriously... love... that... song.

Let's continue on, shall we?

In case you need a few ideas next year where to hide your eggs, here's some of my favorite hiding spots for 2014:

 It was so fun watching the kids on their egg hunt, even though I wanted to jump in.

But, then, again, I was holding the bunny all day.

Yes, I was a total bunny hog.

I'm not ashamed.

A few photos of my family:

 Love these kids!  Okay, my sisters, too.

The bunny even got bunny ears, because, why not?

Until next time...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flea Market Fun Day

It's been ages since I've been to the flea market!  At least a few years...  I've been itching to go for a while... And lucky for me Matt said he'll come with me!

I dressed up, just for the occasion:

{Outfit Details}
Jeans: Levi's (Kohls)//Top: Chaps (thrifted)//Scarf: LLT//Hat: thrifted//Purse: Fossil (thrifted)//Oxfords: 8thavethrift on IG 

(It worked for the Style Me April challenge, anway.)

I was like a kid at a candy store... I was super giddy!  I almost skipped to the entrance... almost...

It wasn't as warm as I thought it was going to be, so I had to throw on a sweater.  Bleh.

No surprise here: it didn't take me long to make my first purchase. 
I bought an old Polaroid for $13.  I have no idea if it works, but my goal is to use it for decor.  I just love it to pieces!  Then I bought a few other trinkets and as we were walking around, I received a text from one of my all time favorite people:

Sigh... She always makes me smile!
As soon as she wrote that, I saw this book:
Fun and Fancy.
That's us in a nutshell!

Ha ha!

Just kidding... Kind of...

Friends Far and Near.

I wanted to take this book home with me just because of all the love and support I have received 
from you all...I love you to pieces!

As we continued strolling, Matt found some nostalgic items... Such as these wrestling action figures:

All locked up and in safe keeping.

I did score some more crochet material to make more scarves, ladies!  I know it's been forever since some of you requested one, but... I didn't want to go to the flea market by my lonesome.

I'll share more of my purchases in the next post..
In the meantime, can we just drool over one of my favorite shops?

I even saw an old Gone With the Wind book... Published in the 1920s!  She was only asking $20.  I guess I don't think that's expensive?  I never read the book and only saw the movie once... If it was
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I would've been all over it! :)

After our delightful day of prancing around... Okay, it was just me prancing... I know Matt was bored...  We headed to Jimmy John's.  Quick lunch date before seeing some houses and heading to dinner with friends.

Here we are, stalking our first house of the day:

What else is there to do when you're waiting on someone other than to take selfies?


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Truly Blessed

Words cannot express how wonderful my friends and family are.

After my last entry, many of you reached out to me and even though I wasn't ready to talk about it, and still am not ready to talk about it, you respected my feelings yet you continued to stand by my side.

Without even realizing it, you were there for me more than you may have thought.

Your simple, "I'm thinking of you", and "I hope everything is alright," meant so much to me.

Knowing that once, some time ago, I lost a lot of friends, and to think, now, 
how many true friends I have gained...

I will continue to say it until it's no longer true... I am truly blessed with every single person that is in my life.

I may know you in person, I may know you from Project Wedding, I may know you from Instagram, I may know you from marriage, or I may know you because we're blood.

No matter what the case, knowing that I have so many people that care about me, even in the slightest way, made my heart skip a beat... skip a few beats, really.

I smiled through my tears.  And those tears started to diminish and I am now smiling more and more.

{Outfit Details}
Dress: vintagetouched (IG shop), Cardi: Eddie Bauer (Thrifted), Leggings: VSBoots: Madden Girl, Mug: Anthro (gifted)

I'll never forget what happened, but I will move on.

And, that's all thanks to you.  Your love.  Your support. Your friendship.

This Friday evening was a perfect example of this.

I had a hot date with the hubs... (let's soak this in a minute...)

...which continued to an unexpected  BFF coffee date.  This included many giggles and "teenage" feelings as we just sat in her car and chatted about anything and everything.

After my drive home, I was welcomed to a sweet, little "care package" sitting in my mailbox.

When I opened it, I found a sweet card, book, socks, Peeps, and chapstick.

It amazes me how much an "internet friend" can get me so spot on.
This was truly the icing on the cake for my Friday night.

Tonight was one of the best "medicines" I could have asked for.

Thank you, my dear, sweet friends!

You mean so much to me!