Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday Walk

Are you a visual person, like me?
If so, then this post is for you!

::insert info commercial here::

I'm letting the photos do most of the talking today ;)


Since we had the whole day together, we definitely made the best of it!

When we woke up, together (for once!), we were starved but way too lazy to cook.  So we showered and hopped in the car and headed to a little breakfast joint.
It was such a nice change, for once.
Instead of sitting on our couch, watching tv, with plates on our laps, we sat in a booth, with a table and napkins, silverware and were served upon.

Oh the joy!

 These were one of the best links I've ever had!  And crepes... I'm always all over crepes...  Can't get these at home!  (Mainly because every time we have attempted making them (let's get real here: about once or twice), they were not crepes... So we'd end up with pancakes)

After breakfast, M got his hair trimmed then we headed to that forest preserve I ran off to a few weeks ago.

With the snow, it made it such a gorgeous sight.

Here's what I was wearing:

{Outfit Details}
Skinny Jeans:  Thrifted
Cardi:  Target, Thrifted
Undershirt:  VS
Wizard of Oz Tee:  Out of Print
Boots:  Madden Girl, gifted
Scarf:  DIY (hope to bring this style into the shop)

 I was obsessed with how blue the sky was!!!!!!  It was beyond gorgeous!

After we I froze my fingers off from snapping photos (which was only about fifteen minutes later), we took off to have a coffee date.

My bag always gets a showcase:

 This face charms the pants off of me every time...

 Starbucks never asks for my name!  I was so shocked!  But I saw the barista stumble when I spelled out my name to her.  And it shows... She's missing the "d" after the "A".  That's ok... I still loved the fact that they asked for once!

Can you guess what my order was?
On Pinterest, there was a SNICKERS FRAP!
I'm still trying to perfect it... But this one was pretty fantastic!
How to order:
Java Chip Frap, with one pump toffee nut, one pump caramel with carmel drizzle.

How flippin' adorable is this woman's cup?  She had Mike Wazowski, Thumper and a few other Disney fellas on there.

Hey, hey Good Looking!

Love these hands of mine...

Doesn't he have such beautiful eyes? 
Ignore the fact that he looks like he's in "work mode".. Ha ha :D

How terrible.. We're both on our phones...
I promise you there was a lot of communication and even a visit from Matt's bestie ;)

After that, we went on our way to Brody's First Birthday Bash!
It was great seeing the family!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Blues

I'm so tired of winter!

We are supposedly being hit with a big storm today.  Luckily my morning commute was dry.  But it's almost March!  Now I'm really yearning for spring rain, green grass and fresh flowers.

In the meantime, I'm still stuck in winter clothes.

{Outfit Details}

Dress:  NY&Co. (same as this one but in blue)
Cardi:  Express, gifted
Belt:  Charming Charlie's, clearance, recent
Leggings:  VS
Boots:  Madden Girl, gifted
Scarf:  Kohls, gifted
Flower:  LLT

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bold Leggings + Fringe

Happy Monday, Beauties!

Cannot believe it's Monday already....  Can't wait to fast forward to Friday again! ;)

Last night I watched Love & Other Drugs instead of the Oscars.

(Don't worry... we recorded it)

I know quite a few people who are not fans of Anne Hathaway but I absolutely adore her.
And she had me mesmerized throughout the whole movie, just like every film I see her in.

She looked fantastic, too!

Jelly over here.

Have you seen it?
What did you think?

I'm not going to lie... Her wearing overalls made me smile a little...

Did you know they are making a comeback?

Don't worry, I don't own any anymore...  yet...

Overall Free Here: 

{Outfit Details}

Dress:  Target
Leggings:  Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Cardi:  NY&Co.
Boots:  Kohls, Lauren Conrad

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Be Casual

I'm so sad the weekend is almost over.  M had the whole day off yesterday and it really spoiled me rotten. :D  We went for a walk, had Starbucks, went shopping and attended our cousin's son's first birthday party!

We were going to end the night with The Five Year Engagement but we passed out before we could even turn it on.  It was a long day but filled with so much joy!

Here's a casual outfit I wore last week for my niece's party:

I picked the hair flower and worked around it.  I have been admiring this piece from Mila Rose Designs for a while... And when it went on sale, I jumped on it.  But I could never pull it off.  So it sat in my drawer for months.  I pulled it out and with my bangs, it worked, finally!  Now I can wear it all the time :D

{Outfit Details}

Hair Piece:  Mila Rose Designs
Sweater:  Target, clearance
Tank:  Kohls
Skinny Jeans:  Thrifted
Boots:  Madden Girl, gifted

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black + White

A lot of people have been playing around with black and white as of late. 
You will rarely ever see me in this combo.
(Yes, it IS a challenge for me, believe it or not)

I love mixing my colors.  And it doesn't make me look so pasty ;)
But I was inspired, and decided to show you my spin of black + white.

I'm such an accident-prone when it comes to wearing white.
So much so, that this dress still had the tags on it because I was afraid to ever wear it!

Our water system isn't the greatest...
And, go figure, I spilled lotion on this while at work.
See what I mean?
Luckily I didn't spill anything else ;)
{Outfit Details}
Blazer:  LC, Kohls, clearanced
Dress:  NY&Co., old
Leggings:  VS
Necklace:  Sassy Steals
Earrings:  Forever 21
Boots:  Madden Girl
And look what came in!!!!!!! 
My camera case!
Isn't it so pretty?
 (More on that later - For now, just wipe up your drool :D)

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sparkly Maxi Skirt + Friday Night Date

Anyone else been seeing the transformation of the maxi skirt/dress being brought into the winter?
I've been loving it and decided to give it a whirl!
I paired it with this emerald green sweater and mint bubble necklace.
I was so relaxed and comfy yet I still felt feminine.

{Outfit Details}
Sweater:  Target Merona - clearanced
Skirt:  Kohls, Apt. 9
Bubble Necklace:  Sassy Steals


I kept it simple because I had a date that night.  I didn't want to appear as if I was trying too hard ;)

We had Panera together, then played with some balloons and pretended we were photographers.  We ended the night, cuddling on the couch, watching The Princess and The Frog.  He passed out before I could say "Goodnight" though.

He wanted to be the photographer, while I played "model".  I was flattered.

His Furby got inbetween us, though.  I'll admit it, I was a little jealous.  But he let me feed it.  So that was pretty cool.

Needlesstosay, I think it went well.  I was lucky enough to see him the very next day for my niece's birthday bash, but I really hope he calls for a second date. I keep checking my messages; nothing yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;)