Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweet DIY Present : The Coupon Book

It's February 1st!!  So that means we have less than fourteen days until Valentine's Day!

What better way to start the month than with a lovie dovie DIY project?
I made this quite a while ago for my husband's birthday...
 {Almost 6 years ago!  Yowza!}
 It's actually an item he requested.  {So sweet!}
It's pretty simple and self explanatory.
I took a photo album (as masculine as I can find) and filled it with coupons and photos of us throughout that time frame.
 (Sigh, that seems like ages ago!)
I downloaded a "heart" font and got to work!
(There goes the "masculine photo album")
The hardest part was coming up with coupon ideas.  There's so many ideas all over the internet, but you want to be original as well. 
I took it a step further and had the first letter of each coupon spell out a sweet saying. :)
Here's a few photos of the gift:
(This was our very first photo together as a couple, awwwww)
(Can you read that?  Click on the photos to see it better.  "One cooked meal prepared by me... Whatever you want"  This was before I knew how to cook multiple meals - HA, I make myself sound like I'm a chef nowadays!)
 (Snooze Together - We like to cuddle)
 (No saying "no" for a day - I'm terrible at that!)
(Man, was I tan!!  This is when I faked & baked.  Looking back at this photo makes me miss it...)
 (An evening of uninterrupted conversations - Perfect way to put those smart phones down and get lost in each others' eyes! He he)
(I wish I could remember this conversation...  Coupon:  Massage in hot tub)
 (This is one of my all time favorite photos of us!  Reminds me of The Notebook.  Coupon:  Evening walk in the rain,  and it's next to a photo of us in the pouring rain!  Get it?  Get it?)
(Evening filled with dancing)
We used to have "club nights" at home... Just the two of us.  And more recently we had Slow Dance Sundays where we would slow dance in our living room on a... wait for it... Sunday!  But it only lasted for like two Sundays... {boo}  I think we need to bring this one back :) 

(I forgot my hair was dyed so red!)
 (Some fun fillers)
It's a perfect, sentimental, budget friendly gift that comes from the heart.
  I think I have a good twenty or so coupons in there.  I couldn't share them all ;)
He thoroughly enjoyed it and I loved flipping through it today, looking back at the photos :)
Are you planning anything for your significant other?
We agreed we would not be exchanging this year.  Our date to see Warm Bodies is our Valentine's Day gift. 
Well, I may have lied. 
(Matthew - I hope you are not reading this!)

It's small, I promise.
Like, really small.
I just love celebrating love.
Can't blame me for that...


  1. completely! i love any day geared towards celebrating love!

    this is so cute! i love it!

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  3. I'm obviously struggling with this commenting-on-your-blog deal. The snooze together one is adorable. And the pictures make it priceless. Love this.