Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Only Got $20 in my Pocket"

Anyone else obsessed with Macklemore's "Thrift Shop"?  It makes me dance... and by dance, I mean wiggle... Because, to be frank, this white girl has no moves.
"Nah I'm just pumped, I bought some sh*t from the thrift shop."
{Seriously... If you haven't heard this song, or just in the mood to giggle, watch it here.  Warning:  There is, ahem, bad words in this video.  Make sure no little nuggets are running around when you press play.}
It's true, though... I am pumped!  I went "huntin'" and I scored, big time. :)
Sure, I was only supposed to look for one item... {a chambray shirt, to be exact} ... but I couldn't resist the urge to dig and hunt.
I did find a chambray shirt but after trying it on, I wasn't feeling it...  I almost bought it just for the sake of it being $3.99 and to save it from the Goodwill store.  But, I put it back.  {Sorry, Cham!}
I did pick up things I didn't really need though.
And I did buy something *like* a chambray...  Well, the only similarities is I bought a blue button down.  {...I'm trying to make myself feel better...}
Also, a little tip, I am pretty sure Target is teamed up with the Goodwill stores....  Pretty darn sure.  Every time I go there, there is a ton of BRAND NEW, tags still on them items.  Some being 2013 swim preview items!  It's Target's dirty little secret.
{this is only my speculation}
I snatched two brand new Target items and a few other goodies.
Necklace:  Target:  $3.99 (Originally marked $29.99!)


Xhiliartion Dress:  Target:  $4.99

Merona Cardi - Target - $4.99
Forever 21 Striped Button Down - $3.99
The Loft - Anne Taylor Strapless Dress:  $4.99
So, all of that for less than $25.
I know some people are a bit weirded out by thrift shopping...  But don't be skeered... 
{Confession:  I replayed the "Thrift Shop" video four times as I wrote this entry... Okay, fine, it was five times..  I can't help myself}


  1. Yes, Target does send their things to Goodwill! all of the salvaged merchandise, which is basically all of the merchandise after the 70% markdown =)

  2. Wow, such cool finds, you are so lucky!!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  3. Haha my sis just showed me that song the other day. She's like "this is so you"
    I wish I had a goodwill closer to me! These are all awesome finds and I've heard a few people say they always find brand new target items!

  4. Love thrifting! I would compare my "Goodwill Find Rush" to that of an extreme couponer...addicted, get a rush, excitement and serious envy of my self and others. It is healthy...I promise ;)