Monday, April 30, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

Sunday was such a relaxing day after a very busy weekend!  Yesterday I woke up very early to get started on my projects for my niece's Hunger Games party...  That's what I get for being a procrastinator. :)  But, more details about that later.  Right now I want to share with you all my new tee!

As some of you may know, I'm quite obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.  I was lucky enough to have an Oz wedding!  (My husband is too good to me!)  My dear friend, Lisa, spotted this on and I just had to have it.  It's not often that I stumble across "vintage inspired" Wizard of Oz clothing.  And it helped a lot that it had my favorite character plastered on the front. :)  It was my first time ordering through and I was very pleased.  I even tried searching for this tee elsewhere and it was marked up $45-50.  Ekkk..  I scored it for $35. :)  A little steep for a tee for me, but... Being something I admire and absolutely love, I knew this splurge was acceptable!

We did a little trifting yesterday as well.  And by that, I mean, I went trifting while my husband waited in the car. :)  I scored quite a few things and cannot wait to show you.  Such as the scarf I'm wearing in the last two photos. :)

The rest of the day we curled up on the couch and watched Mission Impossible (my first time viewing.. I know, I know) then caught up on some of our shows and even slow danced in our living room.  I think Sundays will be now called "Slow Dance Sundays". :)

Out of Print "Wizard of Oz" Long Sleeve Tee -
Apt. 9 Blazer - Kohls, clearanced
Victoria's Secret Peach Tee - Semi Annual Steal, $5

Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Favorite

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!  I cannot wait  for the weekend to start!  I have projects to work on tonight for my niece's Hunger Games party tomorrow!  So upset that the weather is going to be cold and rainy!  Scratch the "water bombs" off the list.. :(  Don't want the kiddies getting sick!  Blehhh..  Wish this cold front would leave today, giving us a nice Saturday afternoon.  But, due to the crappy weather, Sunday the hubs and I plan to bake goodies all day!  I've been pinning many yummy looking desserts on Pinterest... Like icebox cupcakes (Never heard of them?  ME NEITHER!), whopper cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow center, cookies, anything and everything  coconut!  I predict the big weight loss I had this week will be gone by next week :)  Ohhh well.. I blame Pinterest and the Pinterest memebers for posting all these delicious desserts!

Here's yesterday's outfit and I think it's my new favorite!  I can't wait to pair it with some crisp white shorts or capris!  Brighten the outfit up even more!  I'm loving the color combo!

I did my hair a little different too...  I was hoping to do this romantic braid I found on... Pinterest, where else?? But I was running late and just did this.  I loved it so much when I took it out that I did it again last night as I slept so I can have "beach wave" curls today!

Top:  Target, clearanced
Wing Earrings:  Target, clearanced
Coral Sweater:  NY&Co.
Bird Nest Necklace:  Me, LittleLoveTales

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodies + Inspiration = Happy Wednesday!

HAPPY SECRETARY'S DAY!!! (Or Administrative Professionals Day!  Whichever one you fall under!)

So, I walk into work today to find a gorgeous purple wrapped package with MY name on it sitting casually on my desk!  Is there any better way to start a Wednesday??  I don't think so!  :)

After reading my little card from my boss, I was almost in tears... Sweetest boss ever, I swear!  You all should be jealous ;)

Anyway, she bought us girls these sandals that are the coolest things ever!!!!!  Has anyone ever heard of Switchflops???  They are universal sandals!  I was all over this...  One item that you can switch up multiple times??  I want to go buy all the basic colors!  Mine are a brown wedge.. LOVE THEM!

See that pretty flower with the brown straps?  It comes off!!!!!!

You MUST check them out:

The strap is removable by  velcro !  And you can buy all sorts of designs/colors!  I already found about five I want to buy :)  The straps average around $12.  Which isn't terrible!  I think my closest will be filled with these individual straps by the time summer ends!

In addition to this happy morning I've been having, my sister texted me her outfit today.  She was inspired by last week's polka dot dress with the red/pink combo!  And I have to say, I'm having style envy today!  She looks phenomenal!

Isn't she so beautiful!?  I think she stuck with the bone colored tights, but I think both look great!!!  I love you, Sis!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hunger Games Fan in Small Packages

Happy Saturday!  It looks so bright and cheery out but I know it's only in the 40s.  Definitely a day to layer it up and wear a big sweater coat :)  I have to run errands this morning to find an awesome Hunger Games gift for my niece's birthday party next weekend.  Did I mention that the party's theme IS The Hunger Games?  (Was it that obvious??)  It's going to be, wait for it.... legendary!  (Had to throw in some NPH love in the mix!)  Well here's an extremely comfy outfit I wore sometime last week.  The hair flower and necklace are both inspirations to The Hunger Games.  I love when I can show off my fanside for things in subtle ways, like here.  I feel like I have a secret that only certain people will notice.  It makes me feel sneaky, which then makes me feel  mysterious...

Hair Flower:  Me, littlelovetales
Mockingjay Necklace:  Etsy, TwilighterVA
Gray Off-the-Shoulder Tunic:  Victoria's Secret, I want this top in every color!
Coral Floral Sweater:  NY&Co.
Pants:  NY&Co.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pink + Red = Polka Dots

Who says you can't wear pink and red together?  Oh wait.. That was me!  I always feel like it's too "Valentine's Day-ish"... But after seeing another blogger pairing the two together, more drastically than me, I couldn't help but admire her.  So here it is :) 
P.S.  Are you getting tired of the polka dots yet? ;)

Dress:  Liz Claiborne- Thrifted
Pink Cardi - NY&Co, $10
Red Low Wedge Flats - Target, clearanced
Polka Dot Hair Flower - ME, littlelovetales

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Missing Florida

Yesterday I was craving the beach, flip flops, bikinis, a good book and no work :)
Sadly, that wasn't reality.  So I wore a few pieces to take me there, like my charm bracelet that my mother in law found at a flea market.  There's a little fishy charm that instantly makes me smile!  And not shown, I also wore my mermaid earrings! 

Cozy sweater since we have no heat in our office :)

Tunic:  Target, clearanced
Gray Sweater:  Old Navy
Charm Bracelet:  Flea Market

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!  I know I did!  I couldn't wait for it but not for all the reasons why I usually anticipate for Easter..  This year it was mainly because I gave up coffee for lent...  (YIKES!  Hopefully you didn't encounter that  danger zone... Quitting cold turkey made me a grouchy mess!)  I simply couldn't wait to warm my fingers around my favorite mug again and sip the steamy, carmel goodness.  Mmmmm....  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I woke up quite early and started jumping on the bed for my husband to wake.  I'm surprised I didn't fall down the stairs at the speed I was going with my clumsy feet. :)

Just to show you how excited I was, I took photos of the whole "coffee process".  Its like I've never seen coffee brew out of a pot... Ever...  Sad, I know.
{Please ignore the coffee grounds}

(Oooohhh.. Pretty...)

Picture perfect :)  Too bad my chair was all wet!  So I tip toed back inside.  And sadly, I didn't eat all those donuts...  I shared with my husband.  If he didn't wake, the whole bag might have been gone... But then I would've blamed the squirrels. :)

After my excitement of my first cup of coffee since lent, I finally started my day.

I debuted my polka dot skirt that I bought from Forever 21 in the recent post.

(Do you see my little pig?  He finally made it outside!  I've had him for over a year and have been terrifed to put him outside and have him blown over and break...  Seeing that I'm overprotective over a ceramic pig, I feel soo sorry for our future child...)

Outfit Details:
White Cami - Kohls, $5
Sheer White Top - Old Navy, $3
Skirt - Forever 21, $22.80
Wedges - Target, $8
Pearl Choker and Earrings - Gift
Hair Flower - My shop, LittleLoveTales

Sadly my wedges didn't last very long since I decided to be Super Auntie for the day and run around with my nieces and nephews :)

Note to Self:  Next time bring pants and a pair of gym shoes.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rain, Rain, Stay Awhile

Even though it's been very dry around here and kind of chilly, I can't help but think "April Showers brings May Flowers".  And well, it is April 5th.. :)

I've been on a hunt for a cute raincoat for years now... Still hunting actually.  But, my friend, Karlin, spotted this at Target and sent it to me:
Mossimo Supply Co. Featherweight Raincoat - Rose Print.Opens in a new window
Isn't it darling?  The price is even better!!!!


It's available here.  Available sizes left:  Large/XLarge.

Hopefully some of you snatch it up and pray for rain so you can slip this beauty on and play in the rain :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Retail Therapy

Do you ever feel your money slipping away even after you keep saving and saving and it never seems like you are catching up?  If so, that's how I felt.  It came to the point that I felt like I wasn't being "rewarded".. And that all my husband's and my hard work was just going to bills.  We even owed on our taxes this year, which still leaves us bewildered.  So I just needed to get out there and shop a little.  Retail Therapy.  I swear it works :)

I didn't spend a lot.  Just a few things that make me smile. :)

Skirt:  $22.80 (My splurge)
Top:  $8.99

Reason I found myself at Forever 21: I had to try this dress on that I spotted just a few weeks prior.

(Cell phone pic, excuse the graininess)

Isn't it just adorable!?  Sadly, it was too short for my taste.  If it was a tad bit longer, I would've bought this over the top two items.  I just love the pleated skirt, the maroon color with the tan polka dots... and the long, sheer sleeves!  I love finding dresses that I don't need to pair a cardi with for work.  Oh well, I'm glad I at least tried it on!  Maybe if my butt was smaller it would've been long... HA HA!