Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Favorite

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!  I cannot wait  for the weekend to start!  I have projects to work on tonight for my niece's Hunger Games party tomorrow!  So upset that the weather is going to be cold and rainy!  Scratch the "water bombs" off the list.. :(  Don't want the kiddies getting sick!  Blehhh..  Wish this cold front would leave today, giving us a nice Saturday afternoon.  But, due to the crappy weather, Sunday the hubs and I plan to bake goodies all day!  I've been pinning many yummy looking desserts on Pinterest... Like icebox cupcakes (Never heard of them?  ME NEITHER!), whopper cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow center, cookies, anything and everything  coconut!  I predict the big weight loss I had this week will be gone by next week :)  Ohhh well.. I blame Pinterest and the Pinterest memebers for posting all these delicious desserts!

Here's yesterday's outfit and I think it's my new favorite!  I can't wait to pair it with some crisp white shorts or capris!  Brighten the outfit up even more!  I'm loving the color combo!

I did my hair a little different too...  I was hoping to do this romantic braid I found on... Pinterest, where else?? But I was running late and just did this.  I loved it so much when I took it out that I did it again last night as I slept so I can have "beach wave" curls today!

Top:  Target, clearanced
Wing Earrings:  Target, clearanced
Coral Sweater:  NY&Co.
Bird Nest Necklace:  Me, LittleLoveTales

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