Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Take Flight

A lot of things have been going on these past few months...
Some good, some bad, some bittersweet.
I'm trying to take a look on the outside and reorganize my life for my future.
Our future.
I'm feeling so many different emotions...
Excited, sad, frustrated, happy, annoyed, nervous.
I've been forced to move on from other things,
such as relationships,
but this time, its my choice to better myself
and my husband's and my future.
We have a ton on our plate right now
 (house hunting, new job, amongst other things)
 and sometimes I think we're crazy for filling our plates so high.
But we're handling it just fine...
We've got a good grasp and a better understanding on each situation... we think... ;)
It's time for us to take flight and explore the depths and challenges of our relationship and our life :)
Wish us luck in everything we do!
{Outfit Details}
Sweater:  Thrifted, Target - Skirt:  Target - Leggings: VS - Boots: Madden Girl,
Hair Flower: LLT - Scarf: Coldwater Creek


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Transition: Errands to Birthday Party

What a gorgeous weekend we're having!
High sixties, low seventies, light breeze...
Definitely a weekend to stay outdoors!
My weekend has been pretty packed...
Shopping Friday with the bestie...
(Got some great deals, btw, including this top I'm wearing!)
Errands Saturday morning, niece's 12th birthday party in the afternoon,
more errands today and a day spent with the hubs!
Let's rewind for a second...
My niece is TWELVE today!!!!
Officially a tween!
Happy Birthday, Kelsye!!!!!
I still cannot believe she's almost a teenager...
She plays soccer and softball, yet {now} loves to accessorize!
My kind of lady! ;)
And she's dabbling in modeling...
Sigh... She's such a gorgeous girl!
I'm definitely proud to say I'm her aunt ;) 
{Outfit Details}
Top:  NY&Co, Jeans:  Thrifted, Shoes: Target, Hair Flower:  LLT 
With running errands and the temps slowly dropping,
I grabbed a cardi and threw my hair up for the party.
I love how just switching a few items can change a look/feel to an outfit...
The bold necklace was the icing on the cake.
{Outfit Details}
Cardi:  Charlotte Russe, Necklace:  Thrifted, Target

I hope you're enjoying your day today, Kelsye! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Seriously, how hard is it to pair a black and white item with an outfit?
Apparently really f'ing hard...
I must have changed a million times before leaving for work today
with a b&w scarf that was gifted to me for Secretary's Day.
This was my response while looking in my closet today...
I get to work and start thinking...
"Oh what about my pink dress?"
"Or this?"
"Or maybe I could've tried that?"
Oh wait... That shit is still all in the crawl...
I stuck with red pants and a cream striped top.
You gotta do what you gotta do.

:) :) :)
My obsession with color is ruining  my life!
Ok, not really... But I *need* color in all my outfits.
I think it's a disease...
I try veering off of it from time to time...
But then the next day I'm wearing purple with yellow with red and a splash of green.
(Not really, but you get the point...)
::shakes head::
You win some, you loose some. :)
I still love my scarf.

And now I'm even more determined to showcase that baby to the nines!
Challenge Accepted!
(Thank you, Barney!)
Totally off subject, but I just realized that April is almost over...
Which means it's almost May...
Which then means, June is right around the corner...
And so is my third year anniversary...
F_ _ _.
Now I need my scatterbrain to think of some leather goods...
And after reading Fifty Shades, this may not be good...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cobalt Blue + Aqua

(Uhhh.. What the heck am I doing with my leg??  Note to self:  Do a foot check! :D)

{Outfit Details}
Dress: NY&Co., old - Blazer: Candies, Kohls, gifted - Leggings: LC, Kohls 
Boots: Madden Girl, gifted - Necklace:  NY&Co., old
Ok, I don't know about you, but I'm totally crushing on this outfit...
Whenever I wear such a bright color, I always try pairing it with a contrasting color, but not usually one so close in the color wheel.
I'm in love with how it turned out!
Paired it with my peach necklace and I was out the door!
Also, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying lipsticks again.
Which is your favorite?
I can never find one that actually lives up to it's "outlasting" label...
And I promise you I have other shoes... 
With this weather, I always stick with my riding boots...
easy, comfortable, goes with everything...
I think I need to invest in more...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Craving Fall


{Outfit Details}
 Tank:  VS, Pink//Oversized Scarf:  VS, recent, clearance//Sweater:  Neena Creates, clearance//Mint Purse:  Target, recent, clearance//Mustard Coat:  Target, gifted//Boots:  Madden Girl, gifted//Jeans:  Unknown, Goodwill
Call me crazy, but ever since I received my new scarf,
made apple caramel tarts (and ate them all up),
lighted my spiced cranberry candle,
I've been craving fall...
It is my favorite season, after all...
And I know, I know... Summer hasn't even hit yet... And nor have my debut of dresses...
Maybe I'm not ready to blind people with my pastiness...
Which brings me to this...
As I was catching up on Ellen, she informed me...
(Ha!  Yes.. Only me... We have that kind of one on one relationship :D)
...that there is a pill you can take to make yourself tan...
I love the idea of self tanners but I never got into any of them...
But a pill?
...to make you shades darker..?
Do you take any self tanners?
Have you tried this pill self tanner?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

After my last post, I received so much love...
Thank you... every single one of you...
for your sweet, sweet words...
I think we all need to be reminded of this once in a while...
I have to admit...
I was hesitant on posting it...
But the fact that I helped some of you...
truly  made my day!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

{Outfit Details}
Dress:  H&M, old
Leggings:  LC, Kohls
Boots:  Madden Girl, gifted
Cardi:  Target, clearance, old
 Hair Flower:  LLT
Necklace:  Forever 21, clearance
Today, I want to just focus on happiness for a minute.
And, rain showers make me smile, make me twirl, make me dance wiggle...
make me forget for a while...
I get lost... escaping from reality,
as I smile, laugh, and get soaked...
Another thing that makes me escape is music & books...
Right now there are two songs that put an instant smile on my face and
I've been eager to share them with you.
Wherever I am, I start shaking, and moving, and singing.
Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do:
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Okay

I'm not truly religious but I do believe in God and I believe He made me who I am.
So, it's okay that I'm a procrastinator.
It's okay that I'm extremely paranoid.
It's okay that I'm super gullible.
It's okay that I get easily upset.
It's okay that I can't handle my stresses
the way I wish I could.
It's okay to be let down.

It's okay to be disappointed.

It's okay to cry, just to cry.
It's okay to let go.
I've been so stressed these few weeks over many things going on in life.

I've finally started taking a step back... breathing deeply... and reminding myself that
it's okay,
 we'll get there.

We'll get where we want to be.

We'll have what we want to have.

We'll be thankful for when that time comes.

Life isn't easy, and it never was supposed to be.

We learn as we go and appreciate the little steps it takes to get there.

It's okay.

God has a plan and I know it's a good one.

Even though we I get eager, we I have to remember that not everything is so easily obtained. 

And that I am blessed with what I have right now.

Thank you for this life...
Thank you for everyone you brought to me...
Thank you for the lessons...
Thank you for making me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jo Totes Camera Bag Review

This post was a long time coming...
(And by the photos, you'll see... There's still snow on the ground! 
I can assure you we have finally reached spring... :D)
But I wanted to give it enough time to give a thorough review.
I'm no professional photographer by any means... I'm sure you can tell :)
But my lovely husband gifted me my first DSLR this Christmas and I'm eager to play and learn.
I hated keeping my camera exposed...
I'm so concerned every time I'm handling it...
I treat it with extra care...  It's spoiled, I tell ya!
I'm sure we all get this way with a new toy, right??
So when I was hunting for a camera bag, I had a hard time trying to find one I liked for the price.
I wanted something I could grow into and I wanted something that was "me".
That's when I discovered Jo Totes.
(My friend actually found them through QVC and I was instantly in love)
Now I'm definitely not using my bag to the fullest.
I only have the stock unit and the rest of my purse items inside.
But hopefully I can still be insightful for those of you who are in the market for an affordable/feminine camera bag.
I cannot express enough the great quality Jo Totes has to offer.
Thick, durable fabric in such cute, feminine designs!
I absolutely LOVE the disguise from your normal camera bags.
I feel "safer", in a way.
And stylish.
I get compliments a lot when I have it out...
And I can never stop staring at it..
I'm in love, guys...
head over heels, tongue hanging out, in love...
I bought Jo Totes ROSE Bag in coral.
The color is dead on and the details are super darling:
From the sweet rosette, to the polka dot pattern...
(Beautiful inside and out, literally!)
And let me start by saying I'm a HUGE fan of big purses.
(I'm that type who loves to carry everything with me "just in case"... 
You could say I live in my purse)
However, this one is a wee-bit bulky.
So be cautious when ordering.
I definitely do not take it everywhere with me as I once planned.
If I was a mother that was trucking a stroller around, I may, since I had a place to stash it.
But being solely me, my bag tends to bump people when I'm out and about.
So I only use it when I know I will be taking photos.
That's the only big con I found with the ROSE bag.
A small con is the rouching on the front is just decorative.. 
 I was hoping it would have been an extra pocket.
But with all the pockets it has, it really isn't necessary.
Just would have been a nice bonus! ;)
What I love about Jo Totes, besides everything else, is it comes with velcro dividers to fit your needs.
It's totally customizable!
So if you have an extra lense, flash, tripod, you have the option to find it it's own designated spot.
Right now, I just carry my camera, kindle, and miscellaneous "purse needs".

My friend bought the
Betsy bag in chocolate.
I love this bag, too.  I had it for only a short while...
But it's pretty fantastic!
It's big, too, like the Rose, but it's not as bulky.  With it being wider, it lays flat.
And I love the long strap it comes with.
The Rose comes with one, too, but with the bulkiness of it, it doesn't lay right.
The Betsy in chocolate, has this gorgeous blue interior and lots of pockets.
I feel it's more universal, but I'm a sucker for feminine touches.
(See the flap I'm holding with my right hand?  That's an extra pocket as well!)
Definitely do your research.
The Jo Totes bags give a lot of personal favors.
And you cannot go wrong with the quality of these bags.
I am very pleased with my purchase of the Rose bag, and I know my friend loves hers.
You have to do what's right for your lifestyle.
I will definitely be purchasing from Jo Totes again.
Hoping to grab the Allison for my "go to" bag.
It seems to be more compact.
Allison Mint
Allison Mint
See all about Jo Totes and their products here.

ADDED 6/6/13:  
A few pointers that I have read and did not include in my own review....
Many moms who have the Jo Totes camera bag, insist that they double it as a diaper bag, INCLUDING their camera and lenses.
And, there IS a slot for a tablet in these bags.  I currently don't own one, so I didn't demonstrate.  The pockets are all Velcro.  You can divide each section to your liking and your own personal preferences.  Which was one huge perk for me!
I hope this helped answer any lingering questions out there! :) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

VS Steals and Deals

Happy, happy Sunday!
I'm finally starting to feel more like me...  A bit congested, still, but not achy, no runny nose, no headache....
I'll take it as a huge step to being my normal self...
So that means a little celebration, right?
I've been saving my VS Secret Reward card for a rainy day. 
(Ironically, the weatherman called for some showers this am, but nothing has hit yet)
I love shopping online, but I cannot fathom the shipping costs that VS charges.
Lucky for me (and hopefully you, too!), they emailed me with a
FREE SHIPPING offer code on ANY order.
Music to my ears...
So, free shipping AND $10 off?  I was pretty stoked.
I scooped up a bikini top to hopefully match my bottoms I scored at H&M, and also this oversized scarf.
(like I really need  another scarf...)
My goal was to just snatch the top, but being sick, I'm only viewing myself  "curled up.."
  So, lucky for VS, I grabbed it. 
Does her body come with it was well?  HA!
I just love the print and colors!
Ordered in PINK BLAZE.
So cozy!!!!!  Maybe I will sport my new bikini top WITH the scarf... They will match, at least ;)
Total Damage:
If you do not receive VS emails, they do  have an offer of free shipping on orders over $50.
Ends tomorrow.
Offer Code: STYLE50

Friday, April 12, 2013

Under the Weather : Part II

I'm almost over my cold/flu/whatever it is I have.
I've been resting and drinking a lot of fluids, so I'm thankful for the ending to be near.
I was off of work for a few days and I forgot how miserable it can be when you feel so icky.
If I wasn't in bed, I was plopped on my couch watching whatever HGTV had on.

Then I remembered how much I love  HGTV.
It's usually my summer station since most of my shows are over until the fall.
HGTV had me itching for my own home (again)...
And how I would decorate it and add my own details to it.
So I leave you with some inspiration photos on what my dream home may look like
if I was a wealthy millionaire.
An All White Kitchen
(with splashes of aqua/mint blue)
Open Concept
My Vanity/Walk-in Closet
(Sorry, Matt!)
I just adore this color scheme!
Window Seat
Sunroom/Florida Room
Colored Front Door
What would your dream home have?