Friday, April 12, 2013

Under the Weather : Part II

I'm almost over my cold/flu/whatever it is I have.
I've been resting and drinking a lot of fluids, so I'm thankful for the ending to be near.
I was off of work for a few days and I forgot how miserable it can be when you feel so icky.
If I wasn't in bed, I was plopped on my couch watching whatever HGTV had on.

Then I remembered how much I love  HGTV.
It's usually my summer station since most of my shows are over until the fall.
HGTV had me itching for my own home (again)...
And how I would decorate it and add my own details to it.
So I leave you with some inspiration photos on what my dream home may look like
if I was a wealthy millionaire.
An All White Kitchen
(with splashes of aqua/mint blue)
Open Concept
My Vanity/Walk-in Closet
(Sorry, Matt!)
I just adore this color scheme!
Window Seat
Sunroom/Florida Room
Colored Front Door
What would your dream home have?


  1. The all white with mint! I'm in love! I've been itching for my own home really bad lately too! One day... I'm glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better. Remember how I said I wasn't feeling so good myself? Well wednesday night it finally hit and I stayed home feeling miserable and watching the walking dead all day. I feel a lot better today and made it to work so maybe it was a 24 hr thing?

    1. YES, we have the Martha Stewart "Ice Blue" Kitchenaid appliances. They make me so happy so I want them to stand out on their own ;)

      I'm so sad that you are feeling sick now! Hopefully it didn't travel between blogs ;)
      Mine lasted a few days. But finally it's all just in my head now.
      How are you liking The Walking Dead? I'm all caught up but my brother (who is staying with us for a bit) has been playing catch up so I get to watch all the repeats and get my "Daryl fix" in the meantime.

  2. LOVE your inspiration photos! The dressing room picture is SO dreamy. *sigh* To own your dream home IS a dream. Happy searching on your home hunt!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment!
    This is so stunning - I love the fireplace picture a lot! I'm moving next week and will definitely have mint in my bedroom. Can't wait!

    Have a wonderful weekend,