Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cobalt Blue + Aqua

(Uhhh.. What the heck am I doing with my leg??  Note to self:  Do a foot check! :D)

{Outfit Details}
Dress: NY&Co., old - Blazer: Candies, Kohls, gifted - Leggings: LC, Kohls 
Boots: Madden Girl, gifted - Necklace:  NY&Co., old
Ok, I don't know about you, but I'm totally crushing on this outfit...
Whenever I wear such a bright color, I always try pairing it with a contrasting color, but not usually one so close in the color wheel.
I'm in love with how it turned out!
Paired it with my peach necklace and I was out the door!
Also, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying lipsticks again.
Which is your favorite?
I can never find one that actually lives up to it's "outlasting" label...
And I promise you I have other shoes... 
With this weather, I always stick with my riding boots...
easy, comfortable, goes with everything...
I think I need to invest in more...


  1. You look adorable!! I love the colors on you and I especially love your hair and lip color! Gorgeous :)

  2. Love the combination of blue and aqua! I looove lipsticks - but don't use them as often as I should since I've amassed so many. If you're bold enough, try the Maybelline Vivid collection (it's new and CRAZY bright), or if you're into a more natural look try the Revlon lip butter collection..I'm addicted to them!

  3. I just love this outfit! The colors together are perfection! You are so pretty!

    I'm still searching for the perfect lipstick. I just really started wearing lipsticks ending of last year so I don't really have much experience or brands to recommend, yet.

  4. The bright lipstick looks amazing on you! Bright lipstick is new for me too - I never knew how much I would love it!

    So funny - I actually wore cobalt and aqua yesterday! The two solids go so well together, eh?

    Hoping for some warm weather for you, Adrianne!

  5. That color of lipstick is so pretty on you, I love it! I actually just replied back to you about Lipstick :) and cobalt & aqua is one of my favorite color combos! I love this outfit that blazer has the most amazing fit on you! And I love that you contrasted the blues with a peach necklace. You look so pretty

  6. love the cute color combo! so fun! you are adorable!