Monday, April 22, 2013

Craving Fall


{Outfit Details}
 Tank:  VS, Pink//Oversized Scarf:  VS, recent, clearance//Sweater:  Neena Creates, clearance//Mint Purse:  Target, recent, clearance//Mustard Coat:  Target, gifted//Boots:  Madden Girl, gifted//Jeans:  Unknown, Goodwill
Call me crazy, but ever since I received my new scarf,
made apple caramel tarts (and ate them all up),
lighted my spiced cranberry candle,
I've been craving fall...
It is my favorite season, after all...
And I know, I know... Summer hasn't even hit yet... And nor have my debut of dresses...
Maybe I'm not ready to blind people with my pastiness...
Which brings me to this...
As I was catching up on Ellen, she informed me...
(Ha!  Yes.. Only me... We have that kind of one on one relationship :D)
...that there is a pill you can take to make yourself tan...
I love the idea of self tanners but I never got into any of them...
But a pill? make you shades darker..?
Do you take any self tanners?
Have you tried this pill self tanner?


  1. Oddly enough, I had a couple of friends that would take tanning "shots" - so the literally stuck themselves in the rear with a needle for a sunless tan. It did work...but man! No thank you!

  2. wait what? a tanning pill?! that is crazy but kinda cool at the same time.

    you are gorgeous! love your outfit!

    at this point i'm craving summer since spring is deciding to be bipolar and all.

  3. haha you are TOTALLY jumping right over summer! though i can't complain about a season that brings me pumpkin spiced lattes. and that pill sounds crazzzzy, i feel like that'd be really dangerous?

    xo Marlen
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