Wednesday, July 31, 2013

High Low

(The photo with my in law's dog, Ginger, cracks me up!  I love that dog!)
Well, my weekend was filled with a ton of goodies but I have been too lazy to upload the photos so I found these in my archives.  I paired this outfit with two pairs of shoes.  Looking at the photos, I'm digging both, but on this day, I stuck with the wedges.
It makes me laugh with the High-Low Craze that's going on and how many people are sick of it now.
I like the fact that they help big butt girls like me.  Seems whenever I buy a dress, it's much shorter than it would be on a smaller butt lady.  However, even though I jumped on the bandwagon, I only have this one dress left and I don't think it's crazy "high-low" so it's staying.

If you can remember, I couldn't wait for summer to rock this dress for all it's worth due to the keyhole on the back.  I did wear it in March here with leggings and a cardi.

Anyway,  I think my wish came true, at least for one day.
Saturday truly felt like FALL!
I busted out my riding boots, a scarf and a sweater I recently snatched at Kohls.
I was in heaven!
It was colder than I planned on it to be.
I should have prepared better but I was afraid
I would get too hot since we're still in JULY here.
But I didn't.  I was actually chilly.

I craved a bonfire and am kind of kicking myself that I didn't start one.
Although, I was out all day long with Katy, so I guess I really didn't have the time. :)
I had such a blast, as I always do!  We had plans to go to the beach to snap some photos, but as you can imagine, by a body full of water, no matter how big/small, the temps dropped.
We didn't last too long there.
Then on Sunday, Matt and I went to Pierogi Fest!
It was so last minute, I loved it!
Matt hates fests...
Well, he hates crowds which in turn means he hates fests.
But we went!  And we had so much fun!
My only regret: I wish I ate more pierogies!
But more on my weekend when I have the photos to show off. 


{Outfit Details}
Dress: Goodwill (thrifted), Bandeau: VS, Wedges: Target, Oxfords: Target, Pearl Necklace: Gifted, Hair Bow: LLT

Readers, how do you feel about the high-low trend?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crandall's and Ice Cream

Did you know July 21st was National Ice Cream Day?  I knew it was this month because a fat kid knows this stuff.  But it was nice to have the friendly reminder with a big sign outside
a corner ice cream shop when we were out with my mom and stepfather.
We successfully ate at Crandall's!
Six years in the making and we finally made it!
My mom and Scott always gush about how delicious the chicken is.  And I'm a chicken girl. 
Well, I'm "a lot of things" kind of girl but that's besides the point.
It was all you can eat!  I thought Matt would be in Heaven!  I think he had three servings?  Whatever you might want to classify as "a serving", anyway.  However, I am terrible at all you can eat places.  No matter how starved I am before ordering, I fill up way too fast.  But I feel obligated to overstuff so I make sure we're fulfilling the theory of all you can eat
So, isn't it surprising that we still made it to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream afterwards?  I don't know about you, but no matter how stuffed I can be, tummy ache and all, as soon as I hear the words "ice" and "cream", my stomach starts a dance party and
makes just enough room to chow down on some. 
Good thing, too, because I don't think I would have had room for pie,
which Matt was looking at.
(But that's probably because I dropped his barely eaten banana cream pie
on the floor about a month ago :( Whoops!  I owe him one...) 


{Outfit Details}
Top:  LC Lauren Conrad (Kohls), Shorts: Jennifer Lopez (Kohls), Watch: Kohls, Bracelet: Etsy, Necklace: Gift, Purse: Jo Totes, Shoes: Aerosoles

Don't forget to use the Kohls special blogger coupon for 10% off : BLOGIT10


We also got a sneak peek at my Mom's and Scott's new place! 
It's so beautiful! 
I cannot wait to see the final product
with their furniture and love filling up the space!!
Off to Crandall's we went!

And let's not forget about dessert! 

Happy (belated) National Ice Cream Day!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seeing Red - ELLE by Kohls


As I mentioned, my Kohls order came in.  I'm like a kid on Christmas morning when it comes to new clothes.  I feel I must wear them right away!  So I'm sure I'll be rocking out all my new items all week :)

Today I'm featuring ELLE found at Kohls.
I love this dress.
I love the color.
I love the stripes.
I love that it's machine washable.
(Yes, I'm incredibly lazy.)

You can find it here for $18!
It comes in black and green, too.

Are you shocked I didn't pick the green?

Well... I'm really trying to urge myself to stop buying mints, aquas, greens.
Yet, they still end up finding themselves in my closest.

{Outfit Details}
Dress: ELLE (Kohls), Necklace: Goodwill (Target), Shoes: Aerosoles, Watch: Kohls, Headsash: Unkown

Totally off topic:
Why is it when you talk to the opposite sex, if you are just being friendly, they mistaken it for flirting?

I've run into this way too many times and although it's been a long time,
it just happened again on Friday.

Yes, I blush, immensely, when I'm complimented on.
Yes, I smile way too much.
(Especially when I'm nervous)
 Yes, I'm far too nice at times.

It doesn't mean I'm flirting with you.

I'm happily  married and even though I'm extremely flattered by your kind words, 
don't mistaken me for sending the "wrong signals". 

Does this happen to anyone else?

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I think it was a bad idea for my mother in law to have a texting package for her new phone...
All I'm getting are videos from the darn lake!
::shakes fist::  
Mary, this is what I'm dealing with:           
With the heat index, I'm sweating as bad as my camera!  This is what happened to my lens the instant I stepped outside.  I kept a wipe nearby to freshen it up. 
It would've been nice to have a big body of water for myself to refresh in... ;)
Thankfully with last night's storms, the humidity should start climbing down.
We've been working in dim lights at work just to conserve energy.
I hate this heat!
{Outfit Details}
Top: Maurices (clearance),  Sweater: Kohls (clearance),  Jeans: Thrifted (Goodwill), Wedges: Target (clearance), Watch: Kohls (clearance), Locket: Maurices (clearance), Birdsnest Necklace: LittleLoveTales, Hair Clip: unknown
What are you doing to stay cool?
Just yesterday, I broke down and grabbed an iced coffee:
Sigh... I wish I still had my kiddy pool...
On a side note, I received my new order from Kohls!
Sneak peek:
As you can see, I already slipped into the striped dress!
And I suppose it's a success because I was hit on when I grabbed my iced coffee.