Saturday, July 20, 2013


I think it was a bad idea for my mother in law to have a texting package for her new phone...
All I'm getting are videos from the darn lake!
::shakes fist::  
Mary, this is what I'm dealing with:           
With the heat index, I'm sweating as bad as my camera!  This is what happened to my lens the instant I stepped outside.  I kept a wipe nearby to freshen it up. 
It would've been nice to have a big body of water for myself to refresh in... ;)
Thankfully with last night's storms, the humidity should start climbing down.
We've been working in dim lights at work just to conserve energy.
I hate this heat!
{Outfit Details}
Top: Maurices (clearance),  Sweater: Kohls (clearance),  Jeans: Thrifted (Goodwill), Wedges: Target (clearance), Watch: Kohls (clearance), Locket: Maurices (clearance), Birdsnest Necklace: LittleLoveTales, Hair Clip: unknown
What are you doing to stay cool?
Just yesterday, I broke down and grabbed an iced coffee:
Sigh... I wish I still had my kiddy pool...
On a side note, I received my new order from Kohls!
Sneak peek:
As you can see, I already slipped into the striped dress!
And I suppose it's a success because I was hit on when I grabbed my iced coffee.

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