Thursday, July 4, 2013

Four Friends Enjoying the Day : Part II

First of all, let me just say,
Happy Fourth of July!!
Are you sporting your red, white & blue?
I'm still in my pajamas, but I plan to!
(he he)
I thought today may be a great day to show the rest of our Lake Geneva Day off.
Mainly because I am off and have the time to do it. :)
After we hit the shops and rocked these for a brief moment, it was time to continue our journey. 
This is for my family and my team at work.  I'm a Cubbies fan, grew up as a Cubbies fan and always loved going to Wrigley.  The Wrigley's, owners of the field and founders of the gum, still own property on the lake.  Quite a few to be exact.  Fun little fact I picked up on our boat tour. :)
Ok, now it's time to show some of those gorgeous homes that lie around the lake.
Let the drool begin...

(Right click and open photos in a new tab/window to zoom in)

What a workout... But isn't it just magnificent? 
I would paint these yellow and have my very own yellow brick road.
Hey... it can happen!


{Outfit Details - Angel}
If you like Angel's maxi, it's from Kohls!  Yes I asked because I want it!  HA HA!
Hair bow and Necklace:  LLT
As we continued down, we stopped at Carolyn Gable's house.
I don't know her personally, but the stories I hear about her are just so inspiring.
And the fact that her part of the path that her house sits on is so extravagant just proves those stories to be true.
She has quotes up and down all these rails.
She has a speaker that plays calming music as you walk through.
She has benches.  A bell to ring to "Expect a Miracle".
I could sit by her house on that path all day long...

I loved her whimsical characters:

Even her furry friends want to be close to her.
Sounds like a true Disney Princess to me!

Enough said:

{Outfit Details}
Dress: Target, Purse: Target, Necklace: Goodwill (Target), Shoes: Crocs,
Watch: Kohls, Sunnies: H&M, Earrings:  Jamaica

If all that wasn't enough, she had a sign in book:

Then we hit this home...
Amazing, right?
They're condos!
We saw an ad for one of them while we shopped...
Over two million dollars..
And rumor has it, it's haunted!
What amazes me though is this house had the worst path... 
It was just a dirt trail.
And due to the rain we've had, it was a muddy trail.
Being condos, I figured they would have done something!
A couple more pretty homes:

I have always wanted to do this!
Multi colored Adirondacks...
So cute!
This dock reminded me of Dexter so much!
I would buy this house just for this feature...
And then throw a huge Halloween party!
After our walk, we waited a few for our boat tour.
This has always been one of my favorite places in Lake Geneva.
I love the personalization!
I've told Matt that I would love to do something similar in my future secret garden.
Te-he he.
This one reminded me of Gull Lake, WI!


As we were waiting to take off, we spotted the Po-Po!
Had to represent my hubby in some way:

The cookie was a nice surprise!
A wonderful day trip indeed!
That ends our Lake Geneva trip!
Enjoy your fourth, Loves!






  1. Those are AMAZING properties! Looks like you all had such a good time :)

  2. Such beauty! Love these pictures! You're doing awesome with your camera!