Wednesday, July 31, 2013

High Low

(The photo with my in law's dog, Ginger, cracks me up!  I love that dog!)
Well, my weekend was filled with a ton of goodies but I have been too lazy to upload the photos so I found these in my archives.  I paired this outfit with two pairs of shoes.  Looking at the photos, I'm digging both, but on this day, I stuck with the wedges.
It makes me laugh with the High-Low Craze that's going on and how many people are sick of it now.
I like the fact that they help big butt girls like me.  Seems whenever I buy a dress, it's much shorter than it would be on a smaller butt lady.  However, even though I jumped on the bandwagon, I only have this one dress left and I don't think it's crazy "high-low" so it's staying.

If you can remember, I couldn't wait for summer to rock this dress for all it's worth due to the keyhole on the back.  I did wear it in March here with leggings and a cardi.

Anyway,  I think my wish came true, at least for one day.
Saturday truly felt like FALL!
I busted out my riding boots, a scarf and a sweater I recently snatched at Kohls.
I was in heaven!
It was colder than I planned on it to be.
I should have prepared better but I was afraid
I would get too hot since we're still in JULY here.
But I didn't.  I was actually chilly.

I craved a bonfire and am kind of kicking myself that I didn't start one.
Although, I was out all day long with Katy, so I guess I really didn't have the time. :)
I had such a blast, as I always do!  We had plans to go to the beach to snap some photos, but as you can imagine, by a body full of water, no matter how big/small, the temps dropped.
We didn't last too long there.
Then on Sunday, Matt and I went to Pierogi Fest!
It was so last minute, I loved it!
Matt hates fests...
Well, he hates crowds which in turn means he hates fests.
But we went!  And we had so much fun!
My only regret: I wish I ate more pierogies!
But more on my weekend when I have the photos to show off. 


{Outfit Details}
Dress: Goodwill (thrifted), Bandeau: VS, Wedges: Target, Oxfords: Target, Pearl Necklace: Gifted, Hair Bow: LLT

Readers, how do you feel about the high-low trend?


  1. cutest dress with a fun cut out in the back! love it with the blue shoes!

  2. I love that you have a little lace poking through the cute out in the back - such a great idea! You look so gorgeous! And I say, if you like high-low dresses, than just wear them! They are definitely flattering on you :)

  3. Very cute dress...we need to shop together...