Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monsters, Roarrr, Boom!

{Outfit Details}
Jeans:  Kohls, Top:  LC Lauren Conrad, Watch: Kohls, Shoes: Aerosoles/TOMS, Wristlet: NY&Co
I was so tickled pink when I bought these pants.
Kohls... Clearance... $10.
I left a very happy girl :)
They are ridiculously comfy and with my busy day ahead of me, I switched into them.
I guess this past weekend made up for my lack of celebration on the 4th.
First I headed to go see Monsters University with my family.

It was this fella's first experience at a movie theater:
(Ignore the blurriness)
He did so good!
And the movie was so flippin' adorable!  I think Squishy's Mom may be a new favorite!
I laughed every time she appeared on screen!
Next on my list to see: Despicable Me 2
I just love those Minions!
After the movie, we headed to dinner.
Long behold this scrumptious Capri Pizza:

(It was even better the next day)
I dashed out of there before everyone else was finished eating since I got a call from my father in law saying that they were heading to the fireworks in Matt's work town.
(Any excuse to see a glimpse of my man in uniform :P)
I raced to my brother and sister in law's place
(shhh... don't tell my husband I went over the speed limit!)
 and hitched a ride with all of them.
It was hot, I was tired, and my two nieces wanted to cuddle. 
If it wasn't for one leaning in on me, it was the other sitting on my lap.
But I truly loved every minute of it...
And it was great to see my hubby, even if it was only for a brief moment while he "guarded the gate".
The girls seemed frightened by the big booms at first, but when they actually saw the fireworks, they were amazed! Their eyes just glistened with joy!  So much fun to see them light up!
After a much needed night of rest, I met this cutie up the next day as I ran some errands.
We got a little carried away and started playing dress up in Kohls.
This one was running around in this hat and the matching slippers going "Roarrrr!!!"
I swear she was a split image of Boo from Monsters Inc.

Later we had a BBQ and played with a bubble gun, darts, even drank a little.
Bri and I were matching it up, sip for sip!

As you can see...  It's almost the weekend again and I'm still recovering from last weekend!
Now I'm ending the night with Pitch Perfect.
I swear this movie is ridiculously silly yet it is such a guilty pleasure of mine!
Tickles my funny bone!!


  1. So fun! Love family time :)

    I'm loving your outfit! So cute.

  2. You are too cute! I love those pants, they look amazing (and really comfy!)