Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crandall's and Ice Cream

Did you know July 21st was National Ice Cream Day?  I knew it was this month because a fat kid knows this stuff.  But it was nice to have the friendly reminder with a big sign outside
a corner ice cream shop when we were out with my mom and stepfather.
We successfully ate at Crandall's!
Six years in the making and we finally made it!
My mom and Scott always gush about how delicious the chicken is.  And I'm a chicken girl. 
Well, I'm "a lot of things" kind of girl but that's besides the point.
It was all you can eat!  I thought Matt would be in Heaven!  I think he had three servings?  Whatever you might want to classify as "a serving", anyway.  However, I am terrible at all you can eat places.  No matter how starved I am before ordering, I fill up way too fast.  But I feel obligated to overstuff so I make sure we're fulfilling the theory of all you can eat
So, isn't it surprising that we still made it to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream afterwards?  I don't know about you, but no matter how stuffed I can be, tummy ache and all, as soon as I hear the words "ice" and "cream", my stomach starts a dance party and
makes just enough room to chow down on some. 
Good thing, too, because I don't think I would have had room for pie,
which Matt was looking at.
(But that's probably because I dropped his barely eaten banana cream pie
on the floor about a month ago :( Whoops!  I owe him one...) 


{Outfit Details}
Top:  LC Lauren Conrad (Kohls), Shorts: Jennifer Lopez (Kohls), Watch: Kohls, Bracelet: Etsy, Necklace: Gift, Purse: Jo Totes, Shoes: Aerosoles

Don't forget to use the Kohls special blogger coupon for 10% off : BLOGIT10


We also got a sneak peek at my Mom's and Scott's new place! 
It's so beautiful! 
I cannot wait to see the final product
with their furniture and love filling up the space!!
Off to Crandall's we went!

And let's not forget about dessert! 

Happy (belated) National Ice Cream Day!!


  1. haha fat kid? whatever! You look so stinking cute, I LOVE that blouse! And your hair is perfection in these photos! I had no idea it was national ice cream day, now I'm kind of sad :( I love ice cream and I can always make room for it :D

  2. I love that blouse! Of course it is from the Lauren Conrad line, love her stuff.

  3. i totally no idea it was national ice cream day! i need to get some now everyday for the next week to make up for it! love your blouse! the colors are so pretty!