Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jo Totes Camera Bag Review

This post was a long time coming...
(And by the photos, you'll see... There's still snow on the ground! 
I can assure you we have finally reached spring... :D)
But I wanted to give it enough time to give a thorough review.
I'm no professional photographer by any means... I'm sure you can tell :)
But my lovely husband gifted me my first DSLR this Christmas and I'm eager to play and learn.
I hated keeping my camera exposed...
I'm so concerned every time I'm handling it...
I treat it with extra care...  It's spoiled, I tell ya!
I'm sure we all get this way with a new toy, right??
So when I was hunting for a camera bag, I had a hard time trying to find one I liked for the price.
I wanted something I could grow into and I wanted something that was "me".
That's when I discovered Jo Totes.
(My friend actually found them through QVC and I was instantly in love)
Now I'm definitely not using my bag to the fullest.
I only have the stock unit and the rest of my purse items inside.
But hopefully I can still be insightful for those of you who are in the market for an affordable/feminine camera bag.
I cannot express enough the great quality Jo Totes has to offer.
Thick, durable fabric in such cute, feminine designs!
I absolutely LOVE the disguise from your normal camera bags.
I feel "safer", in a way.
And stylish.
I get compliments a lot when I have it out...
And I can never stop staring at it..
I'm in love, guys...
head over heels, tongue hanging out, in love...
I bought Jo Totes ROSE Bag in coral.
The color is dead on and the details are super darling:
From the sweet rosette, to the polka dot pattern...
(Beautiful inside and out, literally!)
And let me start by saying I'm a HUGE fan of big purses.
(I'm that type who loves to carry everything with me "just in case"... 
You could say I live in my purse)
However, this one is a wee-bit bulky.
So be cautious when ordering.
I definitely do not take it everywhere with me as I once planned.
If I was a mother that was trucking a stroller around, I may, since I had a place to stash it.
But being solely me, my bag tends to bump people when I'm out and about.
So I only use it when I know I will be taking photos.
That's the only big con I found with the ROSE bag.
A small con is the rouching on the front is just decorative.. 
 I was hoping it would have been an extra pocket.
But with all the pockets it has, it really isn't necessary.
Just would have been a nice bonus! ;)
What I love about Jo Totes, besides everything else, is it comes with velcro dividers to fit your needs.
It's totally customizable!
So if you have an extra lense, flash, tripod, you have the option to find it it's own designated spot.
Right now, I just carry my camera, kindle, and miscellaneous "purse needs".

My friend bought the
Betsy bag in chocolate.
I love this bag, too.  I had it for only a short while...
But it's pretty fantastic!
It's big, too, like the Rose, but it's not as bulky.  With it being wider, it lays flat.
And I love the long strap it comes with.
The Rose comes with one, too, but with the bulkiness of it, it doesn't lay right.
The Betsy in chocolate, has this gorgeous blue interior and lots of pockets.
I feel it's more universal, but I'm a sucker for feminine touches.
(See the flap I'm holding with my right hand?  That's an extra pocket as well!)
Definitely do your research.
The Jo Totes bags give a lot of personal favors.
And you cannot go wrong with the quality of these bags.
I am very pleased with my purchase of the Rose bag, and I know my friend loves hers.
You have to do what's right for your lifestyle.
I will definitely be purchasing from Jo Totes again.
Hoping to grab the Allison for my "go to" bag.
It seems to be more compact.
Allison Mint
Allison Mint
See all about Jo Totes and their products here.

ADDED 6/6/13:  
A few pointers that I have read and did not include in my own review....
Many moms who have the Jo Totes camera bag, insist that they double it as a diaper bag, INCLUDING their camera and lenses.
And, there IS a slot for a tablet in these bags.  I currently don't own one, so I didn't demonstrate.  The pockets are all Velcro.  You can divide each section to your liking and your own personal preferences.  Which was one huge perk for me!
I hope this helped answer any lingering questions out there! :) 


  1. Love your bag! I use an ugly camera bag - all function no fashion. I hate taking my camera out and about w/me b/c the bag is so hideous. The prices of the bag above are VERY reasonable. I'm going to have to take a browse and see if anything calls my name :)

    1. HA HA HA! Yeah, the standard ones are pretty ugly...

      After pricing out standard ones, a compact one was $40-50. And I would only be able to fit the camera in it and maybe a few extra small things.

      I wasn't about to have that.. ;)

  2. I love your bag! Such a pretty color!

    I have the ugly, bulky black camera bag. It does the job but I def want a pretty one.

    I completely hear you about the way you handle your camera. I'm the same way.

    1. Thank you, my dear, Faith!!! I love it too... I want more!!! ;) HA HA!

  3. So glad to posted this review as I just sent Matt the link the other day to start mother's day shopping! hehe. I was looking at the Rose as well. I might change my mind if you're saying it's a bit bulky. My reasoning is because I still have to lug around a diaper bag too! lol. But it's so GORGEOUS! Love the color you chose too. Seriously though...thanks for the review!

    1. Kathy, one reason I actually grabbed the Rose is for the future kiddos!

      Some reviewers said they use their camera bag AS their diaper bag! It fits everything!!!

  4. I'm considering purchasing the Rose. My one big requirement is that I be able to carry my iPad in it. I can't see from the pics where an iPad would fit. Do you think it would hold an iPad?

  5. I should clarify. I want to hold my iPad along with my camera w/ a lens attached and purse items. Thanks for your feedback

    1. It definitely has that option! Included in each bag has different sized Velcro dividers. Make sure you read the descriptions prior to ordering, depending on which bag. With the Rose, it comes with a wide Velcro piece that fits the length of the inside of the bag. Perfect for an iPad or tablet. In fact, I truly believe that's what the design is meant for!

    2. Thanks Adrienne! I appreciate the response back

  6. Hi Adrienne,
    Do you think the inside pocket would fit a MacBook Air that's 12 3/4" wide? Since this bag is 16 3/4" in length and 11" in height? I"m scared it'll be too tight or barely fit.

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