Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rainy Sunday

It's been raining all day.  And I love it!  Although it's still a bit too cold to go splash in the puddles, it's still a beautiful welcoming versus the snow we had just a couple days ago.  Makes me feel like spring is near and that the groundhog failed his mission for seeing his shadow this year. 
But, let's not jinx it... :)
I went to Target today and left with NOTHING.  ZERO.  ZILCH.  NADA.
  Well... That's unusual... And I went to two Targets!
I was looking for one particular item.  And I couldn't find it. 
 {sniff, sniff}
 But, I always scan the clearance....  It's near impossible to keep me away from there.
I was good, though.  Really good.  I didn't even get a Starbucks, like I planned. 
{I'm on a roll!}
Although, Target let me down at their actual stores, I was able to score two brand new Target items at Goodwill for $3.99 a piece.  Yay!  That made me feel better since my original mission was a fail.  And for the fact that I trotted in the cold for (at the time) no apparent reason...
The rain was pleasant though.
And what better day to wear my rain boots?  I mean, is there any other reason, except for when it rains?
{Outfit Details}
Olive Coat:  NY&Co. (old)
Jade Leggings:  LC Lauren Conrad, Kohls (last year)
Rain Boots:  Falls Creek, clearanced (old)
Pig Pin:  Flea Market
Umbrella: VS
Now to watch Pocahontas... For the very first time....
(Shame on me!)

And The Walking Dead returns tonight!!
I'm almost tempted to watch it without M.

 Happy Sunday!


  1. Omg! I'm seriously obsessed with this outfit! Your coat, your leggings, your wellies! All perfect!!

  2. That striped umbrella is darling! And it goes perfectly with your cute rain boots :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post!!

  3. what an amazing purposes! just loving them!
    i hope we could follow each other to stay in toush!

    wish you the beast, dear