Friday, February 15, 2013

Jo Totes Camera Bag - Rose

It really shouldn't be this hard to pick out a camera bag... Right?

But when you love everything you see, you become torn.  Then weigh the pros and cons.

And when they are tied, then what??

I was sold on this one originally:

(Find it here)

I just adored the rustic look to it... And M wouldn't look so silly holding it, if need be.
But it ships from China.
That worried me.

Then I saw this one:

(Find it here)

It reminded me a lot of my Coach wrislet I have.  Sophisticated, goes with everything, vintage-y...
And again, M wouldn't look too bad holding this.

But then... Then something happened.

I changed my mind.

(As most women do)

I blame my friend.

As we were shopping online, looking at all these adorable bags, she discovered Jo Totes.

I'm sure you have heard of them.  I'm new to this DSLR camera shopping, so I had no idea.

And I fell in love instantly.

Of course all the mints are sold out... Darn.

But the ROSE... The rose tote won me over.

It had *me* written all over it.

Then there's all these colors it comes in...

If you are anything like me, who loves color, then you are screwed.
I couldn't decide!

I'm glad I did a lot of researching (and by that, I mean, googling images like crazy)

I was torn between CORAL and MARIGOLD.

I was actually sold on marigold right away.
I love yellow!

And as I researched, I saw that the marigold's insides is houndstooth!  Soo cute!

But the coral... The coral has POLKA DOTS.


What's a girl to do?

After looking at a ton of other blogger's reviews, I was getting dizzy looking at the houndstooth. 
(sniff, sniff) 

And the polka dots kept tugging at my heart strings....

So coral it is!

(This is the photo that won me over)

The coral is sold out on Jo Totes actual website, but available on QVC, along with flex pay!

(Who doesn't love that?)

It was more than I wanted to spend...
 (You will notice if you clicked on the first two)
But Jo Totes has many amazing reviews,
and when you invest in such expensive equipment,
you should have something durable and reliable.
The fact that it is super adorable is a BONUS.

Here's the one my friend ordered, in brown:

Find it here or here.

This brown is delcious.  I love it!

I'll be sure to post my review once it comes in.  Galore with photos.

Happy Friday!



  1. Um, that pic would have sold me too! Gorgeous! I need a camera bag bad. Haha. I just got mine for Christmas and still haven't really looked into bags. These are darling!
    Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment :) I LOVE snow white so naturally I was super flattered by your compliment!

    1. Yes! I got mine for Christmas, too! I hated the ones in store, so I makeshift one and I'm sure my camera isn't very protected.

      P.S. I'm a huge Disney fan! Your necklace is darling! And you can pull off a Snow White ;)

  2. I have been looking at camera bags because I start photography classes soon. I'll be using my dad's camera so it needs tons of protection. I couldn't find anything that I really liked. This may be a contender. THANKS!!! You always have such great style.