Sunday, February 3, 2013

Outfit of the Week : Sweet Cranberry

This week we hit a new record!  It reached the sixties!  Such a beautiful day!  And it rained.. most of the day.  Which I love even more.

But now it's bitterly cold again.  Dropping below zero.  And with the windshield, it feels like negative 20.  Brrrr... 

Glad to have you back, Winter!  ::insert your sarcasm voice here::


{Doesn't it look like a set of owl's eyes looking back at you?  Creepy...}

{But it goes well with my necklace, no?}

{Outfit Details}

Sweater Dress:  Lauren Conrad, clearanced

Leggings:  VS

Boots:  Target, clearanced in stores

Trench:  Apt. 9, clearanced

Owl Necklace:  Gift, Charming Charlies

Ring:  Target, clearanced, recent

Bobby's:  H&M

And Challenge #1: Out of my Comfort Zone (learn more here):

  Wearing my new Fringe Boots: 

Do these boots make my butt look big? ;)

{Outfit Details}

Leggings:  Lauren Conrad

Oversized Sweater:  Apt. 9 (old)


  1. Love both of your outfits! Your hair looks good and I LOVE your owl necklace!

  2. i am lurving the details on that trench...and you are totally rocking the fringe boots...I dont know what you were concerned about :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. I love that cranberry Hued dress! Perfect with your necklace and hair. 60s sounds so nice! Too bad it dropped again. It seems to never warm up here haha.
    Thanks for your sweet comment today! :)

  4. Thanks a bunch for your lovely comment!
    What a great coat!

    Hope you're having a fantastic day,

  5. Oh man, where do I start? Cranberry it! The trench it! And owl eyeballs...I need a pair in my life. The fringe boots...hippie chic for sure! You totally pull them off! I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone. This year is dedicated to mixing and matching items that already exists in my closet...pairing the unusual with the never before stuff. So just creating new outfits out of the items that already exist...but I am beefing up my accessory collection! Glad to know that others are figuring out this pattern on top of pattern look! And um...your butt looks awesome!