Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Zombie Valentine

I can't believe how many photos I just uploaded from our date... And these were the ones made after the cut!

I couldn't decide.
Don't make me choose.

Just warning you of the photo overload you are about to encounter.

Our Matching Shirts, yay!
Wait... She said, "Whhhaaattt!?"
Love bites.

You cannot wear these shirts without having these kind of outtakes...  Just sayin'... They are kind of expected.

{Outfit Details}
Zombie Shirts:  SnorgTees
Gray/Black Tank:  VS Pink
Leggings:  LC
Black Cardi:  Express, gift
Headband:  LittleLoveTales
Fringe Boots:  LC
Matt's "Holey" Hoodie:  AE

Matt got soup, too.  But it's not shown.  Yes, I got two soups.  I'm a Soup Nazi.  Just so you know, I was set on the french onion before we even arrived... Then Matt just had to ask what the soup of the day was.  BIG MISTAKE.
Cream of Onion was one of them.  Whhhaaatttt??  What is this goodness you speak of and how is this the first time I'm ever hearing of this soup?  I believe I became very rude and interrupted my husband to tell the waitress to add that soup to my order.  Whoops.. :D
P.S.  It was worth it...  Holy deliciousness...
This makes me giggle because the cheese on his burger kind of matches his shirt.....  A little bit...  You see?  The drips?  Don't lie.

Wave to Judy!  I always smile and say "hello" when I see her.  (No, not out loud... I don't need people asking questions....)
Mmmmm....  Movie Theater Snacks.
Although pretty delicious, going to the movies is ridiculously expensive!  I told Matt we need to go back when the movies have been long but forgotten that they end up being only $5 to see. :)
Except, I will be paying full price when this comes out:
You know it as well as I do that Oz, the Great and Powerful is going to be insanely amazing!
I already have plans to see it multiple times... So it might be a good idea to start saving now.... ;)
Other movies I'm excited to see:
And our movie choice for the night:
(Wasn't it obvious with the shirts?  Unless you have been reading my blog.. Then you knew we planned on this already)
M and I really enjoyed this movie.  He heard it was to be a modernized Romeo and Juliet.  And I liked that analogy.  It was super adorable and I am wanting to see it again :)
I'm not going to lie... I almost cried a few times.
I can't help it.
I'm turning into a sensitive cry baby.

And since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share what I did for Matt:
Did the famous sharpie mug pin from Pinterest.

We agreed not to exchange gifts and that our shirts and our date were enough. 
However, I know how it feels to be appreciated and Matt deserved a little something, something.
He should be happy to know I didn't spend a dime.
We had everything lying around the house already.
Which made it the perfect little gift.

I had it waiting for him by our Keurig for when he woke up this morning.
(He loved it and enjoyed two cups of coffee out of it already)

 Then I come home to this:

Well, I didn't make popcorn, nor watch The Notebook.
(I'm a terrible wife!)
But I did consume more Oreos than I probably should have.

 On a serious note, I posted this on Facebook today and only felt it was worth repeating:
Well, God, it's been eleven years since Grandma received her invitation to Heaven. Such a beautiful soul to take, I must say. I hated you for it but knowing she went peaceful made the pain a little easier. After I stopped being so stubborn, I realized she was reunited with her soulmate... And now one of her daughters. And I realized that I would want that too. Because you gave me the greatest gift of all... My one true love, my soulmate, my husband and I couldn't bear the thought of being without him. So, thank you. Thank you for making love possible. I think my Grandma would be proud ♥



  1. you two are too cute making matching shirts!! looks like such a fun time.

  2. Love your style!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  3. You're so adorable! Love the t-shirts and so glad you two had such a memorable valentine's day!!

  4. You two are just so adorable together!
    And no, the felt animals are not going to be brooches - stay tuned! :-)


  5. just beautiful.......oh and i need one of those shirts.....LOVE THEM!!!! sounds like a great date :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  6. Wasn't that movie so cute?! I really liked it! You two look adorable in your matching zombie shirts. Sounds like you had an awesome Valentine's Day!