Friday, February 8, 2013

Three "Girly" Ways to Wear a Leather Bomber Coat

Anyone else grab these babies up at Target recently?  They come in so many different colors! 

{Most of them are sitting on the clearance rack right now, fyi}

Katy gifted me the one below, but in a deep maroon... I felt like Emma from Once Upon a Time!  So chic yet ready to kick some major butt!! 

{I like to pretend I could be edgy&tough if I wanted to but that's just an embarrassment in itself}

Anyway, the coat left a *poof* right above the rear.  It drove me bonkers...
(you know... having a big behind, and all...)

So I searched and hunted and ended up finding the same coat in a mustard goldy color in a size down.  

{I'm a sucker for mustard}

It wasn't my first choice in color but I'm becoming obsessed!  It's so fun playing it up with different colors...  Come to realize, the maroon one was probably too safe, anyway...


So here's a few ways I paired it up!

With a scarf:

With a dress/skirt:

With a polka dot top/sweater:

{Outfit Details}
Mustard Bomber:  Target
(It's no longer available online, and hard to find in stores but here's some other faux bombers you may like: Forever21, Candies, Candies, H&M, H&M, Target, Target, Target)


  1. you are too, too cute! i can't even pick a favorite, i love them all!

    i'm loving the jacket too!

    have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I too am a sucker for mustard. The snow is so pretty!


  3. I love it. I keep saying I need more polka dots. Very cute jacket.

  4. Adrienne!! I used to follow you on PW! I didn't know you had a blog!! yay! Love the jacket! Like...heading to Target now to find me one LOVE. - MrsKC

    1. Mrs.KC!!!!!!!! How are you!? I started my blog last year and then stopped. Started it back up this year, becoming more dedicated! I wil be following your pretty self now! :)