Monday, February 25, 2013

Bold Leggings + Fringe

Happy Monday, Beauties!

Cannot believe it's Monday already....  Can't wait to fast forward to Friday again! ;)

Last night I watched Love & Other Drugs instead of the Oscars.

(Don't worry... we recorded it)

I know quite a few people who are not fans of Anne Hathaway but I absolutely adore her.
And she had me mesmerized throughout the whole movie, just like every film I see her in.

She looked fantastic, too!

Jelly over here.

Have you seen it?
What did you think?

I'm not going to lie... Her wearing overalls made me smile a little...

Did you know they are making a comeback?

Don't worry, I don't own any anymore...  yet...

Overall Free Here: 

{Outfit Details}

Dress:  Target
Leggings:  Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Cardi:  NY&Co.
Boots:  Kohls, Lauren Conrad


  1. i LOVE that movie. love it so much, i own it :) SO good! i'm a fan of hers ... i think she is super talented.

    you are the cutest. you make me want to purchase colored tights! i need to get on board. cute outfit! loving your boots.

    i didn't watch the Oscars. i had no desire to do so which was very strange.

  2. Love your outfit ! I loved Les Miserables, went to the movies twice ! I wasn't a big fan of Anne and I changed my mind when I watched Les Mis ! She was amazing in it and her Oscar was so well deserved ! Now I can call myself a true fan =) and I would have given an Oscar to Hugh Jackman too ;) Kisses

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  3. honestly ive been a big fan of hers since the princess diaries haha and she was amazing in love and other drugs.....Im so happy she is finally getting the credit she deserves!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear