Saturday, February 15, 2014

Style Me February

So, I've been spending most of my "free time" on Instagram.  And I have no shame.  Okay.  That's not how I've been spending ALL my time... I'm fitting Divergent in between as well.  
(I know.. I'm so late in the game!)

Anyway, on Instagram, @hilaryrushford started this #StyleMeFeb challenge!  Basically, it is an outline of what you should wear each day in February.  Take a look:

I haven't done every day, but I've done most so far!

Here's my outline:

Day 1: Feeling Pretty in Pink // Day 2: Animal Spots & Fur
{Outfit Details}
Pink Sweater: Old Navy (thrifted)//Ankle Boots: Target (available for sale on my @frugalpearcloset IG!)//Jeans: Old Navy//Polka Dot Undershirt: LC Lauren Conrad//Mustard Sweater: Moda International/VS (bought off IG)//Cardi: NY&Co.//Brown Undershirt:  Target//Teal Fur Scarf:  Target//Boots: Madden Girl

Day 3: A Fabulous Coat
{Outfit Details}
Coat: Victoria's Secret//Fox Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad//Black Slacks: NY&Co.

Day 4: The Chicness of B&W // Day 5&6: A Darling Dress/Sophisticated Stripes

{Outfit Details}
Mustard Sweater: VS//Hummingbird Blouse: Apt. 9//Necklace: Forever 21//Striped Dress: Merona for Target (thrifted)//Blush Sweater: Apt. 9//Navy Leggings: VS//Boots: Madden Girl

Day 7:  Gorgeous in Green // Day 8: Poised in Polka Dots
{Outfit Details}
Heart Blouse: LC Lauren Conrad//Green Cardi: Merona for Target (thrifted)//Mustard Sweater: VS//Polka Dot Top:  Forever 21//Necklace: Target (thrifted)

Day 9: My Bold Kissable Lips (Yes, I cheated) // Day 11: A Clutch Clutch

(I do know how to count... I think... :)  I skipped Day 10 purposely)

{Outfit Details}
Red Striped Dress: Elle//Necklace: Target (thrifted)//Wristlet: DSW

Day 13:   Cozy Layers

(I totally wanted to wear my mustard sweater again, but I thought I wore it enough. Tee-hee)
{Outfit Details}
Heart Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad//Mint Eyelet Blouse: LC Lauren Conrad//Necklace: NY&Co.//Headband: Urban Outfitters (bought from an IG shop)

After I did Day 2, I realized how many more "cuter" options I had for this day.  It definitely was not my favorite.  I almost did a redo, but the fact that this challenge already made me remix my clothes
is awesome in itself!
As you can see, I wore a few repeats here and I feel that each outfit has a totally different outcome.

I'm excited to show my Ladylike Waist today, considering it's one of my highlights!

Just wish it was warmer!

And, I saved my Valentine's Day outfit for last!

See what I mean about remixing?

For some reason, I never thought of pairing these items together, and I was a bit hesitant to leave the house, but it's truly a new favorite of mine!

Not only was I extremely comfortable, I felt so girly!


{Outfit Details}
Red Dress: Kohls//Heart Blouse: LC Lauren Conrad//Heart Necklace: Maurices (gifted)//Leggings: VS//Boots: Madden Girl

Speaking of Valentine's Day, the husband surprised me with Lou Malnati's for dinner!

I was just telling my friend, hours before I left work, how I was craving it!
I stated he was spying on me, but she responded with,
"He knows his wife. Soul mates always know."
Awe shucks!  She made my heart skip a beat!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Friends!

And, a very Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Jeff!  My sister better give you everything you want! :)

Happy {belated} GOLDEN Birthday to my dear niece, Kassidy!  Loved seeing you at the wedding!  Your mom did an amazing job on your new 'do!  Love you!

In case I don't make it back on in time for the 18th, here's a few more birthday shout outs:

To Scott, my dear Father in Law,
Happy Birthday!!  I hope you are enjoying Florida as we stare at the white snow that covers our streets.  Luckily we'll be reaching a high of 45 this week!  Ekkk!  Take that, Florida!

To Sam:  Happy Birthday, Girl!  I cherish our friendship more than you know!

To Mark:  I know you don't read this, but happy birthday anyway!  And, just a warning, your wife and I are going to steal baby Mark and run away together.  Just thought you should know. :)

One Last Note:
Each and every year, as Valentine's Day approaches, I am reminded that God took an Angel that day.  I cannot believe 12 years has passed since we last saw my Grandma!  She's still missed every single day, but the memories we share with her live through us as we laugh until we cry.  I love you, Grandma!