Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Day with Katy

Last Saturday was exactly what Katy and I wished for...

It was so beautiful... Chilly, overcast, but definitely not rainy.
We started the day out with Chick Fil A.
Well.. Let me rewind...  We started with waiting for Katy to finish getting ready. ;)
(I don't mind though.  After all the time I've known her and her family, I know that I'll be waiting.)
Once we were set to go, we were off to our lunch date.
We stuffed our faces as we gushed about baby names, the future, and even the past.
Before we left, we grabbed milkshakes.  Because who doesn't crave milkshakes on a fall like day?
I questioned that after we were sipping along.
However, there was a discussion with the workers at Chick Fil A.  Two against Two.
Chick Fil A Girl and Me VS. Chick Fil A Guy and Katy
She skipped out on the cherry!  WHO DOES THAT?  A milkshake NEEDS a cherry on top!  And I even said, "You could've given me the cherry!" Her response to that?
"Yeah, Mark says that all the time!"
Stubborn, I tell ya! ;)

Well, ain't karma a bitch...
I spilled my milkshake :(
Sad, sad moment.
My poor cherry smothered in strawberry milky goodness on the hard concrete ground.
RIP, Cherry.

 We headed over to Three Oaks Beach.
What a great space of area!
Katy says it's only been open for a few years and I was in love!
We wanted to go on the trails to explore everything it had to offer, but the wind was picking up and well, we were freezing our butts off.

{Outfit Details}
Sweater: Daisy Fuentes - $5 - Kohls//Jeans: Thrifted - Goodwill//
Boots: Madden Girl: Gifted//Scarf: Boutique in Lake Geneva
Then we went thrifting!
There was a thrift store I have been dying to check out.
I'm so glad we went, although, Katy just saw The Conjuring and started to get a little spooked.
I wanted this sewing machine so bad!  It was so neat!!!  I love the "hideaway" and want to do that with my own sewing machine.

We are huge Christmas freaks!
This was $2.50.  The board was ripped in half but we were going to buy it!
It was just like Monopoly!
However, Katy said she would buy it if I stored it.
So we passed because she then started freaking me out.
And when you stumble on something like this?

I did score some fabric and a crochet Peter Pan collar!  I was so excited!
Then we stalked a house for sale by her home.
Hopefully we'll be seeing it!  It looks gorgeous, but Katy and I both think it's overpriced.
Can you see it?
I know it's hard with the reflection.
Can we say stalker?
(Thankfully it was empty.)
After a long morning, we relaxed a little bit at her home.
Then we were back out again!
We headed to The Commons to head to Motherhood to find a dress for Katy's shower.
No luck.  But she did buy a top. 
Then we scurried over to Old Navy and headed to Noodles & Company
because we were starved again.
I think it was almost 9 pm at this point!
Katy's Crave:
Mac and Cheese with Mushrooms
And as if that wasn't enough, we headed to Yumz!
I made up for my cherry count... I had three!
One for me, one for the fallen cherry and one to make up for Katy's nonexistent cherry.
It was such a fun, filled day!
And guess what?
We get to do it all over again today!!!
Happy Saturday!


  1. What a fun day! I don't like cherries either, lol. I always give then to Sean because he loves it :)

    That Mac and cheese looks amazing!

    Enjoy your fun Saturday together!

  2. haha im totally guilty of skipping the cherry too- i just dont like them =P and aww thats too bad you spilled it :( devastating.

    xo marlen
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  3. Noodles and company AND chick-fil-a milkshakes.....that's what I call a successful day :)
    Brooke @ what2wear