Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What If


Matt and I were enjoying our morning coffee the other day and naturally we started reminiscing on how we met and replayed our whole "Falling in Love" story again... Although, the more it's brought up, the more eye rolling happens
since someone likes to over exaggerate.
(I'll let you figure out who's who.)

However, as usual, we start wondering how, when, where we would have met if it wasn't that one night at a club in a bar.

What if Matt never met Katy?  We surely wouldn't have met through her then.

We had similar stomping grounds, we found out... But, totally different crowds.

I never seem to know... Whereas Matt pulls all sorts of scenarios into play. 
The most logical one we can think of is Starbucks...  IF he received a job in the town I was living in at one time.  Far fetched, maybe?

I tease him, stating that he would have never came up to me at a little coffee joint, or the mall, or anywhere else.  Yet, he disagrees every time.

He tends to play out how giggly I would be when he would approach
and how extremely shy I would become.

Sadly, he's most likely right.  Is that sad?  Maybe I should just say, "Yes, he's right!"
He may like that too much... Admitting that he's right, anyway...

       Although, no matter where the conversation goes, Matt always says that he knows we would have met somehow, somewhere, sometime, because we're soulmates.
Now, if he's not a keeper, I don't know who is!

Well... Maybe Ryan Gosling...
(Just kidding!  Kind of..)

{Outfit Details}
Polka Dot Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt (Kohls)//Top: Chaps (Goodwill)//Watch: Kohls//Bracelet: Etsy//
Necklace: Forever21//Boots:  Madden Girl (gifted)
No matter what, I would hope that whatever happened in the past,
he still would have fallen into my path.
Because I'm truly thankful with how things turned out...
No matter the ending, I'm still with him now... He's still the man I married. 
And I just love him to pieces!
Next to Ryan Gosling, of course.


  1. So sweet! The two of you are def soulmates! I love that the two of you do that!

    And I'm with you on Ryan Gosling! ;)

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