Friday, August 16, 2013

Savings Pennies

Recently I was contacted by Credit Card Insider on savvy ways to save.  They recently posted an article, "Top Five Ways to Save for Moms".  Read it here.
It has some great tips, especially with all the Back to School Sales going on. 
It's definitely worth the read.
Here are a few of my own tips:
1.  Only shop clearance.
2.  Use coupons.
3.  Research apps for additional savings and/or perks.
4.  Sign up for their Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Rewards Cards/Membership.
5. If you are daring, be thrifty.
6.  Steals on Accessories
{Outfit Details}
Sweater: Apt. 9 (Kohls), Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Aerosoles, Necklace: H&M, Watch: Kohls
Let's start off with Only Shop Clearance :
Every time I step into a store, I avoid all the new lines that are out.  I know in just a few weeks or a few months those items will be on sale and be new to me when I'm willing to save a buck or two.
My top store for clothes is Kohls.  It's a given.  They have a ton of stylish items 60-90% off.  And their weekly coupons do not exclude clearance, which makes it even better.  Since we're still in summer, they have last year's fall/winter lines on the clearance racks.  Start thinking ahead.  I have been picking up sweaters and pants for $5, $8, $10.  You just cannot beat that!  And always search for coupons before you head out...  They almost always have 15% off.  Sometimes they have more and if you have a card with them, you can save even more.  Now, I'm not saying to get into credit card debt, but the benefits of having their card will save you.  Just be sure to budget for your spending costs and pay the card off every month to ensure great savings.
Now moving on to Coupons:
I know I've already mentioned Kohls coupons.  But, most stores have offers.  Use Retail Me Not (here or download their app) to see if there's any savings that week.  Just enter the store and search!
If that doesn't work, a quick Google search may surprise you.  Just be sure to read the fine print.  Some coupons do not work on clearance or sale items. 
Research apps for additional savings and/or perks:
Recently I ran into the Cartwheel app for Target.  This is an app that you can add/store coupons to your smartphone and use them as many times as you want, until they expire. 
Then, I was told about Shopkick, just yesterday.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but the idea behind the app has me excited.  Every time you even walk into a store you will receive "kicks".  You can scan products to earn kicks and invite friends/family to earn kicks.  That's just the basic rundown.  Once you receive enough "kicks", you can redeem them for gift cards at your favorite stores.
Sign up for their credit card/debit card/rewards card/membership:
My husband and I both have cards to our most shopped retailers.  I've already mentioned Kohls, and the stickler with some of their big coupons is that you have to use your Kohls charge.  But, don't fret.  If you already have the money in your checking account or if you have cash, use the Kohls card and then turn around and pay the bill immediately.  And for first time users, they usually give 10% off.  Even if you are not qualified for their card.
Target offers their RedCard.  Did you know you can sign up for credit or debit?  We have the debit version and on top of their Cartwheel app and their 5% off every purchase, we have been saving quite a bit with every purchase we make.  We will do our grocery shopping here and save big.  I love seeing those savings on the bottom of the receipt! :)
One great thing about Target is you can combine the Cartwheel savings, along with your RedCard AND Target and manufacturer coupons.  So, do your homework.  Those savings add up!
Now, I'm no extreme couponer...  I do lose patience trying to collect the little coupons I have... But seeing my total at the register makes it worth it.
If you are near a Sam's or Costco, I highly recommend signing up for membership.  We don't do a lot of our shopping there, but we do buy some big items there.  Such as, for dinners, we'll grab a large pork tenderloin for $15 and take it home and cut it up into chops, strips and roasts.  That one tenderloin will last us a very long time.
Another thing:  If we buy ground beef, we like to get the 90/10 or 95/5.  Usually that's double what 80/20 or 85/15 would be.  However, we will snatch the four pound packages at Sam's with the sell date of "tomorrow".  It's reduced to $9-10 and we'll either use it right away or freeze it.  Again, we divide that up and store them in the freezer.
Be a Thrifter:
Some people seem to be weary/disgusted of a thrift store... buying second hand clothing...
You may be surprised by walking into one.
Target/Kohls and a few other retailers will donate their clothes, brand new with tags, to Goodwill locations.
You can find some great name brands, if you are all about that.
I've seen many Banana Republic, J.Crew, Anne Taylor items in thrift stores that are almost brand new for $5-7 a piece!
And of course they offer coupons and deals, too!
I'm signed up for a Goodwill Rewards Card and receive coupons in my email.
Also, they have half off deals every Sunday/Monday on a specific colored tag.
So you can get items for absolutely nothing!
Just take the items home and give them a good washing.
Brand new to you!
I have many staples in my closet that came from thrift stores.
Shop Accessories:
My two favorite places to buy accessories? 
(Such as this adorable bunny necklace... Only $3 at H&M)
They have such adorable necklaces, earrings, bracelets for unbeatable prices!
Perfect for ladies who have a short attention span or like to switch it up every day!
Now it's your turn!
Share some of your favorite tips below in the comments!!


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  2. I *love* these tips!! I also am a clearance rack shopper, for the most part. It makes me crazy to know I can save money by just waiting for a sale!

  3. that is such a cute little necklace and those are some good tips!