Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pierogi Fest


{Outfit Details}
Dress: Old Navy (clearance), Sweater Tights: Meijer, Boots: Madden Girl (gifted), Cardi: NY&Co,
Belt: Old Navy (clearance), Purse: Target, Watch: Kohls

As you know, if you've been reading my blog, Matt and I went to Pierogi Fest a few weeks ago!

It was so last minute which made it that much more fun.  In fact, we were watching the news Friday morning, which I never watch, and they were advertising it!  We saw it was about an hour from us so we made plans for it for that Sunday!  I daydreamed all day at work about all the pierogies I would be eating...  Mmmm...


Our first Pierogies of the day!
Potato and Cheese!
Matt's was double the size of mine!

We strolled the streets and admired the view... above the crowd.
This building is breathtaking!

As we kept strolling, I overheard someone ask where the brisket was.
My eyes lit up and I listened very carefully.
Matt teased me saying, "So I guess we're going to find the brisket?"
Heck to the yeah!!!
In fact, he even pointed to a funnel cake stand, which I love, but brisket trumps funnel cakes any day!
As we waited for the scrumptious brisket, we admired the lady working on the homemade potato chips!  I loved watching the potatoes curl.

Brisket is probably my all time favorite food.
This was pretty good but did not compare to my sister's or aunt's.
But it was still a great, quick fix!

Oh Dorothy!


Matt and I saw these cups as soon as we walked up and instantly!
Well, I wish we stood in the first long line we saw for them...
We waited until towards the end of the day and saw that it was free refills!
Needlesstosay, we didn't even finish our first full cup before we left!

It's ok to laugh at my husband's expense... As soon as I saw this photo I couldn't stop giggling!


This Starbuskas wasn't the greatest, but the gentleman that snapped a photo with me entertained me!
Besides, it was for a great cause and I just loved their creativity!
Cheers to them!
We finally started to head home and what do we drive by?
Dave and Busters!
We were both exhausted but we both agreed this would be the perfect way to end our day.
I kicked Matt's butt twice in basketball!
And in Connect 4!
Yes, I'm pretty competitive.

Cheers (again)!
I love this man!
I'm so glad we went and enjoyed ourselves!
Can't wait to do it again!


  1. This looks like a blast! I didn't even know what pierogi's were....haha. That pic of your Hubby is awesome, it took me a min to figure it out but now I'm totally laughing! And you are adorable! I love the dress and tights and mint accessories :) Super cute!

  2. Looks like such a great day! Love all the pictures!

    And the food pictures, yum!!!

  3. LOVE your outfit!....and now I'm craving pirogis!