Friday, August 23, 2013

Thrifty Finds

My mother in law was in town over the weekend and she may be more obsessed with thrifting than me!  In two days, we ran to three Goodwill stores...  and took home things from each one.  If we didn't already have other plans, I'm sure we would have hunted down more!

I am tickled pink over my newest items...  New "used" items?

I spent a total of $27 and some change on most of these. 
Mary did buy a few of these for me as well.  (She's the best!)




From left to right, starting at the top:  Talbots Navy Stripe Tee, Kohls "Chaps" Black and Ivory Stripe Tee, Target "Mossimo" Tee (new with tags), Ralph Lauren "Boyfriend" Sweater,  Express Ruffle Tee, Target "Merona" Tee (new with tags), Tweed 100% Cashmere Top, Ralph Lauren Plaid Jacket, Apt. 9 Cream Military Jacket

I love that I have so many new pieces that cost me so little!  The two brand new Target tees cost me $1.50 each!  You just cannot  beat that.  I almost walked away with some brand new Target wedges for $4.99, too, but I put them back. 
I did, however, snatch a Scrabble board game for $0.99 though!
I have a DIY project in mind for the letters, so I've been on a hunt for one :)
Do you thrift?
Do you think it's weird?
Leave your thoughts below!


  1. I keep seeing all these great finds from thrift stores I am def going to give a try !

  2. I got a cute Old Navy print cardigan at Goodwill last weekend for $3.50. I'm new to thrifting and love getting deals.

  3. I never have any luck thrifting :(

    You did so good! Jealous.