Sunday, June 30, 2013

Four Friends Enjoying the Day : Part I

Ahhh...  What a peaceful Sunday morning...
The windows are open, the birds are chirping, the house is quiet...
I have my cup of coffee steaming next to me as I reminisce on our trip to Lake Geneva.
I haven't been to Lake Geneva in years...
The last time I went was with Matthew and he's not all about quaint shops & touristy places.
So I was thrilled to go again with ladies who appreciated such. ;)
Although, Mother Nature seemed to want to put on a show.
It down poured the previous evening, and was only supposed to continue throughout the day.
We ignored it and went along with what we had planned.
And I'm so glad we did.  It turned out to be a beautiful day versus the hottest day of summer like it had mentioned a few days prior.  Although I was fighting hot vs. cold all day.  But that's typical....
One of my favorite things about going to Lake Geneva is it's only about an hour away and yet it feels like you are on vacation.  I have made a pact that I need to return there multiple times a year, just for that feeling of "getting away".
Joey, a dear friend, suggested we go to a place called Simple for breakfast.
Oh man... am I glad he did!
The inside decor was definitely right up my alley...  Rustic, charm, colorful.
All the chairs were this bright lime green!
I was the only one who ordered a soda for breakfast.
Yes, I am that type of person who can get lunch any time of the day and therefore drink soda any time of the day.
I lit up when they brought me a bottle with my glass full of ice...
And, of course I kept it...

Soda only seemed fitted with what I ordered...
A Mashed Potato Omelet.
Oh my...
I'm not big on omelets but this was absolutely to die for!
Omelet stuffed with the best mashed potatoes I've ever had, mixed with chives and bacon.
I was upset I couldn't finish it and had to throw it away... Along with my tomatoes!
If you know me, you know I was stuffed if I tossed the tomatoes!
The girls ordered Apple Crumble French toast that was like dessert for breakfast!
It was amazing!
After our bellies were overfilled, we started to hit up the shops.
And what do you know?  A Christmas shop?  Ang and I were all over that!
The sound of Christmas music perked me up.  I seriously wanted to prance around the store and stay a little longer... just to hear the melodies... 

As we continued on, we found this cute boutique who pretty much had a little of everything.
It didn't fit my checkbook, but it didn't stop me from ooo'ing  and aww'ing  all over.
Then we spotted these:

We saw them in two stores, actually.
I'm so obsessed with them!
They had them out on display and they definitely seal!  I want like five... No joke...
They just peel right up at the sides but if you try to pull it up from the center, you won't be able to take it off.
And if I was to ever take up golfing, I want one of these beauties to truck around:

Preferably the center one... Flower and all.
And there's just something about bicycles with baskets...
I really need to find a basket for mine.
Maybe I will ride it more then...
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After a long day of shopping, walking, and a boat tour
(more on that in Part II),
our foursome turned to a threesome.
We ended the day at Popeye's.
And I think this was my very first time here.
From what I can remember, my family and I always went to Scuttlebutt's,
which is the cute yellow house right next to Popeye's. 
Nonetheless, their sign for Bloody Mary's is what drew me in..
I didn't even have to *ask* for the pickle!!
I love BM's with pickles, thanks to my mother in law!
We all started out with their broccoli cheddar soup.
Move over Panera....
It was divine!
We didn't even have much room for our nachos after!
It was truly a wonderful day!
I cannot wait to return and stuff my face with even more amazing treats and food!
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  1. Aw this looks like so much fun! So many cute things and so much good food! That mashed potato omelet actually sounds pretty good! And I could drink soda with breakfast any day ;)

  2. This looks ADORABLE!! I cannot wait to hear about the rest of this trip.

  3. Looks like a fun day!