Saturday, June 15, 2013

Traditions : Leather

We decided to celebrate our three years of marriage two days early on our six years of being together.
(Did you follow all of that? :D)
We were eager for Lou Malnati's but due to time and anticipation, we went around the block to Outback.
Instead of a lovey dovey dinner, we actually had some deep conversations.  But I have to say that I'm glad we did.  Whenever we dive into those, we always end up swimming to the top, stronger and happier as a whole.
Also, do you ever get that feeling that someone knows you or is talking about you?
That's how I felt with the waitresses there that night.
I felt like they knew one of us or something.
The feeling was just too strong to ignore...
So if you are reading this, ladies, don't ever hesitate to come up to us!
We won't bite, I promise! ;)


{Outfit Details}
Dress:  Jessica Simpson (TJMaxx - clearance), Sweater: Thrifted, Watch: Kohls, Wedges:  Aerosoles, Hair Bow:  LLT
After returning from dinner, we sat on the back deck and opened our gifts.  Well.. I'll just let the photos do the talking:

(Not shown:  Gears of War : Judgment Day and a Belt)


Still shocked and confused...

As I have mentioned before, for the 3rd anniversary, the traditional gift is leather.
Here's our traditional gifts:

On our wedding day, three years ago, we shared a delicious McDonald's Strawberry Shake for our "First Look".
We started a tradition that first year to have a shake every 12th of every month.
Now we do it solely on our anniversary.
We were dead tired and it was storming bad, but the scent and taste brings us right back that to that joyous day...


  1. The two of you are the absolute cutest! What a great celebration! Happy 3 years! I can't believe it's three years already, time flies!

    You look fabulous! Loving your outfit.

    Great gifts too!

  2. You are just too cute! I love that dress! Such a pretty color!! Sounds like a fun night! I like deep conversations too haha :) that's cool that you do the traditional gifts! I kind of wish we did it. We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary and we actually got married on our dating anniversary so it was 5 years together! That's awesome that yours is so close too!

  3. Your dress is beautiful and I love it with the yellow! New follower via Bloglovin' <3 Alex

  4. cute outfit! i absolutely love the dress!

  5. such a cute dress and you have nice photos! your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  6. Your dress is such a perfect color and that yellow cardigan goes so well with it! You look absolutely darling.

    Congratulations on your big anniversary! Those are such sweet traditions.