Friday, June 7, 2013

Never Forgotten

It's been almost one full month since I walked away from my long time job...

I was scared... I was excited... I was sad... I was nervous.

The weeks have been flying, and I still laugh at myself on my thoughts from my first day at my new job.  I was way overly stressed and extremely overwhelmed... I started questioning if I made the right decision...

I have to say, of course I did!

I'm finally coming out of my shell and intermingling with my new coworkers.  The knowledge is finally sinking...  And I only continue to get compliments on how well I'm doing.

I'm no longer stressed when I come home.  I feel like my job is complete every time I log off and walk out those doors.  I even feel accomplished on some days.

As I think of my old job, as it's pushed further and further away, I start to forget the bad stuff and remember only the good... The people... The laughs... The stories...

That's what I miss most.

But they will never be forgotten...

We still talk.  We still make plans to see each other.  And I still have all those memories.

Here's a snippet of how my last job was when we weren't working:


We even had our own club!
Started by ^^THIS GUY^^!
Best club ever!
You wish you could be apart of it!
I must admit, I miss our "meetings" over Starbucks. :)

I love you guys!!!
Yes, even those who are not pictured!
And here's what I gifted the girls:
Ang gifted me a pretty awesome Starbucks water bottle, with the reusable ice cubes!!
As if my farewell wasn't perfect enough, I left with sweet, endearing words written by some of my best friends...
And because this is a fashion blog... What I wore:

{Outfit Details}
Dress:  Target (clearance, old), Leggings:  LC:Lauren Conrad, Boots:  Madden Girl (gifted), Cardi:  Goodwill, Belt: Goodwill, Jacket:  Target (gifted), Locket: Etsy (gifted), Headband: LLT
I couldn't have gotten through that last day without my husband being there... even though not physically...


  1. Well written and you are so cute!


  2. Congrats on the new job and a new start!

  3. This is an exciting time! It's going to be incredible even though it is sad to say goodbye.

    Love your outfit. You're the cutest!

  4. I love your cute outfit! Especially the big flower in your hair, you're so darling! Your gifts were so cute and I know what you mean about missing your coworkers but not the job. It's always nice to get a fresh start though!

  5. WOW.......that was beautiful, you almost made me a little teary eyed, but just had some dust in my eyes.....lmao its not the same without you, we miss you and always wish you and Matt the best. well gotta go gotz a starbuck frap with my name all over it.