Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodies + Inspiration = Happy Wednesday!

HAPPY SECRETARY'S DAY!!! (Or Administrative Professionals Day!  Whichever one you fall under!)

So, I walk into work today to find a gorgeous purple wrapped package with MY name on it sitting casually on my desk!  Is there any better way to start a Wednesday??  I don't think so!  :)

After reading my little card from my boss, I was almost in tears... Sweetest boss ever, I swear!  You all should be jealous ;)

Anyway, she bought us girls these sandals that are the coolest things ever!!!!!  Has anyone ever heard of Switchflops???  They are universal sandals!  I was all over this...  One item that you can switch up multiple times??  I want to go buy all the basic colors!  Mine are a brown wedge.. LOVE THEM!

See that pretty flower with the brown straps?  It comes off!!!!!!

You MUST check them out:

The strap is removable by  velcro !  And you can buy all sorts of designs/colors!  I already found about five I want to buy :)  The straps average around $12.  Which isn't terrible!  I think my closest will be filled with these individual straps by the time summer ends!

In addition to this happy morning I've been having, my sister texted me her outfit today.  She was inspired by last week's polka dot dress with the red/pink combo!  And I have to say, I'm having style envy today!  She looks phenomenal!

Isn't she so beautiful!?  I think she stuck with the bone colored tights, but I think both look great!!!  I love you, Sis!

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