Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!  I know I did!  I couldn't wait for it but not for all the reasons why I usually anticipate for Easter..  This year it was mainly because I gave up coffee for lent...  (YIKES!  Hopefully you didn't encounter that  danger zone... Quitting cold turkey made me a grouchy mess!)  I simply couldn't wait to warm my fingers around my favorite mug again and sip the steamy, carmel goodness.  Mmmmm....  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I woke up quite early and started jumping on the bed for my husband to wake.  I'm surprised I didn't fall down the stairs at the speed I was going with my clumsy feet. :)

Just to show you how excited I was, I took photos of the whole "coffee process".  Its like I've never seen coffee brew out of a pot... Ever...  Sad, I know.
{Please ignore the coffee grounds}

(Oooohhh.. Pretty...)

Picture perfect :)  Too bad my chair was all wet!  So I tip toed back inside.  And sadly, I didn't eat all those donuts...  I shared with my husband.  If he didn't wake, the whole bag might have been gone... But then I would've blamed the squirrels. :)

After my excitement of my first cup of coffee since lent, I finally started my day.

I debuted my polka dot skirt that I bought from Forever 21 in the recent post.

(Do you see my little pig?  He finally made it outside!  I've had him for over a year and have been terrifed to put him outside and have him blown over and break...  Seeing that I'm overprotective over a ceramic pig, I feel soo sorry for our future child...)

Outfit Details:
White Cami - Kohls, $5
Sheer White Top - Old Navy, $3
Skirt - Forever 21, $22.80
Wedges - Target, $8
Pearl Choker and Earrings - Gift
Hair Flower - My shop, LittleLoveTales

Sadly my wedges didn't last very long since I decided to be Super Auntie for the day and run around with my nieces and nephews :)

Note to Self:  Next time bring pants and a pair of gym shoes.

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