Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Retail Therapy

Do you ever feel your money slipping away even after you keep saving and saving and it never seems like you are catching up?  If so, that's how I felt.  It came to the point that I felt like I wasn't being "rewarded".. And that all my husband's and my hard work was just going to bills.  We even owed on our taxes this year, which still leaves us bewildered.  So I just needed to get out there and shop a little.  Retail Therapy.  I swear it works :)

I didn't spend a lot.  Just a few things that make me smile. :)

Skirt:  $22.80 (My splurge)
Top:  $8.99

Reason I found myself at Forever 21: I had to try this dress on that I spotted just a few weeks prior.

(Cell phone pic, excuse the graininess)

Isn't it just adorable!?  Sadly, it was too short for my taste.  If it was a tad bit longer, I would've bought this over the top two items.  I just love the pleated skirt, the maroon color with the tan polka dots... and the long, sheer sleeves!  I love finding dresses that I don't need to pair a cardi with for work.  Oh well, I'm glad I at least tried it on!  Maybe if my butt was smaller it would've been long... HA HA!

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  1. LOVE your finds! We ended up owing on taxes last year and it was because some of the tax bills/with holdings changed and if you weren't privy to that information, less was being withheld =/ we found that out the hard way

    My birthday is next weekend and BOTH my parents and The Husband are taking me shopping as my birthday gift =) YAY new clothes! I will def be hitting up Forever 21! =)