Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hunger Games Fan in Small Packages

Happy Saturday!  It looks so bright and cheery out but I know it's only in the 40s.  Definitely a day to layer it up and wear a big sweater coat :)  I have to run errands this morning to find an awesome Hunger Games gift for my niece's birthday party next weekend.  Did I mention that the party's theme IS The Hunger Games?  (Was it that obvious??)  It's going to be, wait for it.... legendary!  (Had to throw in some NPH love in the mix!)  Well here's an extremely comfy outfit I wore sometime last week.  The hair flower and necklace are both inspirations to The Hunger Games.  I love when I can show off my fanside for things in subtle ways, like here.  I feel like I have a secret that only certain people will notice.  It makes me feel sneaky, which then makes me feel  mysterious...

Hair Flower:  Me, littlelovetales
Mockingjay Necklace:  Etsy, TwilighterVA
Gray Off-the-Shoulder Tunic:  Victoria's Secret, I want this top in every color!
Coral Floral Sweater:  NY&Co.
Pants:  NY&Co.

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