Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesdays are Starting a Trend

Seems like Tuesdays are the days for massive snow storms.
In March.
So if you are a bride, planning a winter wedding in the Midwest, screw December and January. 
Focus on March. 
You're ensured for a "white wedding".

Let's hope work calls for another snow day ;)

{Outfit Details}
Skirt:  Forever 21, clearance, old
Top:  Boutique in Michigan, clearance
Sweater:  Thrifted - Goodwill, Target - Brand New, with Tags - $2!, very recent
Necklace:  Forever 21, clearance, very recent
Leggings:  VS
Boots:  Target, clearance


  1. you are the cutest! your smile makes me smile too!

    i'm loving that necklace, so cute! i'm looking for a skirt like the one you're wearing!

    seriously, it got warm and then it started snowing again for the last two days. i'm so sick of it.

    haha, love your advice to future brides who want a white wedding, lol.

  2. So sweet, I love your skirt!

    Have a nice day,

  3. I love That necklace, so pretty!

    XO Chelsea

  4. I really love the colors in your outfit! This is one combination I will need to try out for myself :-) That skirt and cardi are both so adorable. The weather is the same way here in northeast PA - snow probably most of March. I cannot say enough how excited I am for spring to arrive! xoxo

  5. I am seriously so jealous of everyone having snow days! It is super-warm in OK today, which would be awesome, but it just means we are gearing up for a month of over 100 degree weather this summer :(

    I love the outfit - that cardigan is so cute! I remember seeing it in Target. Jealous that you found it for $2!

  6. I love your outfit! I live in the midwest too (Nebraska). Fortunately it's supposed to be 55 degrees tomorrow. I almost want to celebrate!

  7. You are SO pretty! I love that necklace!

  8. Your colorblock cardigan is so pretty! As is your necklace!


  9. Loving that cardi - the colors are so pretty together!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Love that sweater!!!