Friday, March 15, 2013


Today was supposed to be an outfit post but a lot has been going on
 this week and I thought it was only right to start focusing on the positives
and jotting them down... even if they are small. ;)

Things I'm thankful for today:

It's Friday!

It's Elvis Day at work.

I get to see my husband for dinner.

We're getting Chick Fil A for dinner.
(So excited!)

My mozzarella biscuit bombs that I'm eating for lunch because they are just that...
(I feel like that was a middle school throw back!)


Daily texts with friends I've made through PW.
(ahem... Peary!)

Repeating customers for LLT 
(obsessed with the piece I made last night)

Maybelline's Baby Lips. 
(makes me feel like a lady wearing lipstick... although it's just tinted chapstick... sneaky, sneaky)

(I love stalking seeing my friends/family/celebrities... And I love the silly things that are posted)

In fact I'm still giggling over my own post from last night:

So how do YOU eat Peeps?

And as always, I'm thankful for my dear husband. 
The most perfect man for me
He doesn't realize the powers he has!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm thankful for YOU :), my husband, my family & friends, the peanut butter ball from yesterday, trulyjess, my running shoes, my polar, starbucks, and the gift to have another day to be thankful....

  2. I seriously love posts like these! Posts that let you know how grateful a person is for what they have! Not everyone does :)

    I hope you have the best weekend and that you eat a lot of peeps!! :)

  3. I don't eat peeps at all because im not a big marshmallow fan! Haha but those mozzarella biscuit bombs sound amazing! And I didn't know you had an etsy shop! you have some cute stuff!!