Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Why is it when you receive compliments from a stranger it means so much more than from family/friends?

My husband compliments me day in and day out.  As do my friends and family.  And I love it!

(Who doesn't?)

However, when a stranger does it, it suddenly means so much more.
Is it because it's so fresh and new?
The unexpected?


M has been dishing me some of the "guy talk" at work and I've been brought up a few times.
I blush every time he tells me about it but I still find ways to shoot his words down, even if they are recited from someone else.

Yeah...  I have a hard time accepting compliments... Even though they make my day !

Either way, those thoughts are tucked in and saved for when I am having a super bad day.

And then I smile.  And blush even more.

Thank you for all the sweet words I have come into :)
Especially you, Strangers!


Ok, can someone knock me off my pedestal now?

{Outfit Details}

Necklace:  Goodwill (Target - new with tags)
Top:  Maurices (recent, clearanced, $6)
Cardi:  NY&Co. (old)
Belt:  Goodwill (Target - new with tags, recent)
Pants:  NY&Co. (clearanced)


  1. I know exactly what you mean :)

    And you were not on a pedestal! You are the sweetest!

    Love this outfit! Love that you added that gorgeous belt and necklace!

  2. I know what you mean, girl! It's so funny how we seem to shoot down the compliments from those closest to us.

    That blouse is DARLING! Love the pattern and color on you. So jealous of your goodwill finds too! ;)

  3. I love that you added an extra pop of unexpected color with that belt! Such a cute look. :)

    And I hear you on getting compliments from strangers! They always seem so much more genuine since, for the most part, there really is no motive or bias behind them.


  4. I love this outfit, it's super cute!
    I love the belt

    UK High Street Fashion

  5. I love your cardi and belt, so pretty :)
    I'm the same way! My Hubby gets mad sometimes because he feels like stranger's compliments mean more to me than his but really it's just that he compliments me constantly and getting one from someone you don't even know is more rare and unexpected.

  6. That necklace is giving me some crafty ideas! Might be time to go out and grab some metallic paint and wood beads :D Adorable as usual!