Thursday, June 7, 2012


Everyone always hears, "If you have curves, show them off"!  It took me many, many years to finally get more comfortable doing exactly that.  But I know that once in awhile it's nice to step out and wear something slightly more form fitting and that enhances your curves.  I absolutely LOVE this dress.  And I know my hips look wide and my butt is.. well.. there.  But this dress is long enough and sexy enough.  And I love the high neckline.  No need to worry about the "girls" in this dress :)  And I love the zipper accent.  Gives it an edgy look in a small, small way.

(Do you like my spotlight on my Merlotte's mug??  I'm getting ready for True Blood, gearing up this Sunday!!!!)

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Target, clearanced
Wedges:  Target, clearanced
Scarf:  ME
Earrings:  Target, clearanced

BONUS!!  After many years of hunting, I finally bought a trench coat for Spring/Fall!  I showed you all this jacket a few months ago.. and now I have it!  It's from Kohls and I scored it, along with a belt and scarf for $26!!  So for less than the clearance price it's at.. All because I had yummy coupons!  WOOT WOOT!


  1. That dress is gorgeous! It fits you do well!

    And what a steal on your coat! I love it!

  2. OK I LOVE everything in this post! That jacket is totally adorable!!!
    Girl you def need to be showing off your curves! you look awesome in the teal dress =)

  3. HA HA HA... You all make me smile so much! Thank you! I'm TRYING!!!! :) Baby steps, baby steps.. :D

  4. That coat is soo cute!! :)