Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY: Flea Market Steal

Last month my mother in law and I went to the flea market, which is one of my all time favorite pastimes. 

She brought her friend's cart because we were going to be loading up three boxes full of candles.  After seeing such cart, I thought how fantastic they were for trips like this and for when I do craft shows and what not for my shop.  As nice as that cart was, and it was very inexpensive, $15, I was in absolutely no rush to grab one.

While we were scoring a shop, long and behold they have a little cart sitting out.  Mary instantly grabbed it and showed me. 

I loved it!  But the price is what really made me perk up :) :) :)

Want to know??



I mean, how could I pass this up??

Well, a month has passed and my plans with my little cart was to paint it my famous "ice cream parlor" blue.  I have my walls this color, my KitchenAid appliances this color, and much, much more. 

Well, it was my first time spray painting, so it's not a "perfect" job... Got a little on the wheels, but we plan to replace the wheels (sometime) and the bungee cords.  (I am thinking light pink bungee cords)  Besides, all the "good stuff", my husband did. :)  He gets an A+ in spray painting and I get a C?  HA HA!

Here's the before:

And the after, all prettied up:

It has a new life now!

I love it so much!

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  1. It looks awesome and the price is incredible! What a steal!