Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Work to Casual

I have a small obsession with Lauren Conrad... Ok... Maybe it's a tad bit big,  but I can't help myself!  I was sucked into the MTV series, Laguna Beach, and continued following her through The Hills.  And now with her clothing line at Kohls, I simply go insane!

I spent a majority of my day today with my oldest sister and my niece and nephew.  We spent most of that time at Kohls.  And yes, I bought more LC things.. Clearanced.  No, I really shouldn't have.  But when you score a LC sweater dress for $6.80, it's kind of hard not to be ecstatic!  My sister and I also got the same sweater from Apt. 9 but in two different colors.  This sweater is a sweater in front and a silky blouse in back.  Mm mmm.  Mine is in blushes and pinks and hers is in blues and tans.  Mine was cheaper, being only $10, while hers was $16.  Still didn't understand that one...  But we didn't argue with the clerk.  And she snatched up the Apt. 9 "eyelet" trench I just scored a few days ago! :)  We're going to be super, sexy twins in our matching sweaters and coats! :) 

Well, my Kohls days are over...  Yeesh.  It's hard to go shopping with someone and simply NOT shop.  It's also bad when you have coupons and a card for "such store".  Willpower was not in my favor today.  Oh well... The damage is done (the whole whopping $19 for three items) and now I'll go back to doing what I was supposed to do today.. Craft.  And getting ready for my husband's and my two year anniversary.  The clock is ticking and I'm not ready!!!  :)

Here's an outfit from a few weeks ago.  I loved the "work" day look but loved the casual spin to it as well.  And yes, that's a Lauren Conrad top.  What inspired me for today's post before I ran off topic. :)

Outfit Details: 
Top:  Lauren Conrad, Kohls, clearanced
Pants:  NY&Co., clearanced
Sweater:  VS, clearanced
White Shorts:  NY&Co.
Earrings:  Apt. 9, Kohls, clearanced
Heels:  Vera Wang, Kohls, clearanced
Bracelets:  Gift

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  1. I'm obsessed with LC too :)

    That top is so cute! I want it!