Friday, September 15, 2017

Tantrums happen...

It's been a while but I feel like what I posted on social media today was worth repeating.  Especially when I realized that not all my friends & family are on Facebook or Instagram... 

So, I came over here and dusted off the cobwebs, stretched my fingers, and dived in.


Tantrums happen.  Especially in a two year old's life.

Not everything is ice cream with sprinkles with children,  but it's pretty darn close.  Even when they are having a moment. (We all do, don't we?)

It happens behind closed doors and out in public.

You can't help but feel embarrassed, upset, angry, or like a bad parent.

Life happens. Smile. Nod. And know you're still amazing.

Your child will still love you, even if you didn't allow them to run outside barefoot, eat that thin mint cookie, watch Toy Story....Whatever it is that they're upset about, let it go.

As of recently, I have taken a lesson from Daniel Tiger and use this during time outs:

"When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four.  1...2...3...4."

I'll repeat this over and over until he finally catches his breath. I don't want time outs to be a punishment. He's expressing himself and that's not wrong. I do, however, want to teach him to catch his breath when he feels it's the end of the world that he can't have that one thing he's desiring at that one moment.

I feel we all need that friendly reminder that however you parent, you're doing it right. You're amazing at everything you do. And it's okay to have ups and downs.  It's all part of the learning experience. 

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I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. But, I am the perfect mother to my son.

(This is a reminder I have to tell myself more often than not.)

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