Tuesday, September 17, 2013


September is already half way through... And by that I mean that Halloween is right around the corner...  And what I really mean is that my birthday is in two days...
Seriously, though, where has the time gone?
My weeks are flying, and my weekends are flying even faster.
With this fantastic weather we've been having, I just want it to slow down. 
We still have a few summer days coming but I'm soaking up the fall-like weather.
I've been slowly putting up Halloween decorations.
I admit it.
And, I don't care.
I love to enjoy the holidays to the fullest...  I start early, and continue the decorating throughout the weeks and once October is here, I'm nesting on the couch, enjoying the creep factor that took over my house.
And, yes, I've been grabbing new finds at Goodwill in the meantime.
I found a broom, pumpkin, skull, normal Halloweeny  finds.
However, I was tickled pink when I stumbled across a 1950's medical dictionary.  Right now it's chilling on my coffee table.  I thought of doing some creep projects with it but it's kind of creepy just how it is.
I love it!
I'm getting so excited for the finale of Dexter, the start of The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and all the scary movies that will fill up my nights and weekends...
as long as my husband is beside me.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves! 
I'm a scardey cat... :)
I've chowed down on a taffy apple and candy corn...
And already had my fair share of Pumpkin Spice Fraps...
 'Tis the Season!

Along with that, I have Pumpkin Spice Creamer chilling in my fridge.  (It's good but not a favorite) And my husband and I snatched Pumpkin Spice M&M's, along with S'mores Candy Corn.  Yup.  My house is coming infested with pumpkins and candy corn and everything that screams fall.
(Remember the rust pumpkin I mentioned?  Yup, here he is!)
Speaking of pumpkins, I found a Banana Republic fall coat at Goodwill this past weekend.  It's bright orange like a pumpkin!  The price was even better.. $6.99!
I wish I snatched a photo before taking it to the drycleaners, but I'm getting ready for
my husband's and my weekend getaway! 
We are way overdue on a vacation.
Let the countdown begin!


  1. I have to say that I am pretty jealous that you found all that stuff at Goodwill! I try to spend hardly anything on seasonal decorations, so usually that means waiting until the season is over and buying things for cheap. I will have to remember goodwill!

    I hope you have had a good September!

  2. Never thought to get my decor from goodwill!! And here I let Matt pay out the ying yang for outdoor stuff he doesn't even display!! :)
    Glad you were ahead of the game!