Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coffee Shop Cozy

Day 10 of Style Me May is probably one of my favorites!!!


These three words alone are some of my favorite pass times!  
Putting them together just makes my heart sing!

I was channeling my niece's birthday party with this outfit.  And, my master retreat makeover.
(which will hopefully be undergo sooner than I thought!)

The day I took these photos it was super gloomy and rainy (as I'm sure you can tell).

Putting these pieces together just perked me right up!

Who says clothes can't make you happy?  

When I slip into certain colors, it changes my whole outlook for the day.

I dress how I feel.  In most cases : happy

I think I need to find "happy cleaning clothes", because my cleaning clothes just bring me down, which then makes me curl up on the couch and in turn become unproductive.

 Anyway, Matthew and I have made a few big decisions these past few weeks...

We found a house!

Well... What I really mean is we are buying the house we are currently living in.

It's not our dream home, but our dream home seems a bit out of reach at this time and we don't want it to swallow us whole.

We feel very smart about this... We feel this is a great investment and BONUS : We don't have to move! 
(I hate moving!)

We're already in talks of what we'll do to make it our own.

For those of you who do not know, we're renting my in law's home.  
Which, in return, is Matt's childhood home.

They have offered this home to us so many times, but we always declined.  

Now, with the house market continuing to increase, they presented us with an offer we just couldn't refuse.

It will be nice to say we'll finally be homeowners!

It will also be nice to finally start "living" to the fullest extent!  

(In reality this means we can get a puppy!)

I've been waiting for a very long time for a new puppy.  Some of you know this story very well.
I'll be excited to add a new addition to our little family.

We won't be jumping the gun right away though...

Because we have booked our trip to Disney

 {Source : Google Images}


This, too, is another long, awaiting trip, and I can hardly contain myself!

A few months ago, my husband was getting the ball rolling, trying to make this a huge surprise for me for my big 3-0!

Sadly, I found out.  But, I didn't snoop!  Not intentionally, anyway.

I am just giddy with excitement and am tapping my toe waiting for that time to come!  I cannot wait to share this experience with my husband!  Although, I hope he doesn't get jealous for my love for Minnie, The Beast, Tiana, Belle, and any other character we run into! 

 {Outfit Details}
Top: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohls)//Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad (Purchased from IG)//Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt (Kohls)
Shoes: Target (Purchased at Goodwill)//'Hot Air Balloon' Necklace: ebay//Watch: Kohls

My polka dots and I will fit nicely at The Magic Kingdom, don't you think?


  1. So so cute! As always!

  2. What a super cute outfit and I love the fun colors you put together. I can see why it makes you happy... :)