Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obsessions, Lately

The winter blues have been lurking in my space for weeks now... I keep dropping hints 
that I'm not interested, but I don't think it's catching on. 

Seriously, why do we all dread this time of year, each and every single time?  Yes, it's cold.  You're in Chicago.  Yes, it's below zero.  You're in Chicago.  Yes, there's white stuff invading your land.  You're in Chicago.  Yes, you're fat.  You're in Chicago and it's too cold to go out and play. 

I know I whine a lot about the weather.  I love the snow.  It's beautiful!  But, I prefer it in 30 degree weather.  Not this below zero with a -40 windshield where everything on your body freezes instantly.
Let's be realistic here - You're basically growing icicles on your face.

I especially dispise this when I have to be all "adult-ish" and pay my 8 hours of due.

Which brings me back to why we can't all stay kids forever?  I don't ever want to grow up!  ::stomps foot::

Kidding.  Being an adult has it's perks.  Like, making your own decisions.  And, buying stuff with your own, earned money on pointless stuff like Oatmeal Pies... 
(Thanks, Husband!)

Okay... I've had my fair share of pointless stuff, too.

Have you heard of shopping on Instagram?

It's my new obsession!  I'm so addicted!  You would think I'm playing with Monopoly money over here!

I did open my own "closet" - So go check it out at @afrugalpearcloset and buy some goodies!  
I need to fend my craze over here...

Here's a few things I snatched:


{Mustard Sweater: @foundintheattic_thriftshop // Floral Dress: @laciferscloset // Vintage Floral Pillow Case: @8thavethrift}

And, in the midst of my possessed IG scroll-fest, I found this gem:

Her username is prissy_pig.  Total cuteness!  
I told the husband that he may be in trouble 
because I want a pig so bad...

He said I could have one, too!  Isn't he so sweet?  
He failed to mention that it was either a piggy or a puppy.  

Way to tear me into two pieces!  I want both!  I think I deserve it, right?  Who doesn't want a piggy and a puppy?  They can be BFFs and take over the world!  I think he just needs some more persuasion...  
What do you think?

Well, either way, these small pleasures of joy are helping me pass the time and before I know it, 
spring will be here!

I can dream...  
And while I dream, I will dance to my new favorite song... 
Because how could you not?  Try it.  I dare you.


  1. That mustard sweater is gorgeous!

    And yuck, the last few weeks have been so cold. It's crazy that 30 degrees feels like a heatwave and it is so welcomed.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh man, I have always wanted a pet pig! I eat a lot of bacon, so I'm not sure it would work out :)