Friday, January 17, 2014

Saying Goodbye

It's never easy saying goodbye...
Even when you know it's happening...

Today we lost a very special man.

My husband's Grandfather has left us today.

He has been in ICU all week and this time he wasn't recovering...

The last time he was in ICU was the last time I remember having a conversation with him.

Although I do not remember what we talked about, I remember we laughed and laughed.

One amazing thing about Grandpa Peavy was he was always cracking jokes.

He's truly one of the strongest people I know.

His body has been through so much and I'm truly thankful that he has found peace.

I've been sick all week so I couldn't say my goodbyes to him when he was still with us.
I was at the hospital today, mask and all, just to see him one last time. 
I know he was there in spirit and smiled upon us all.

I stayed in the family room most of the morning - It finally came to the point where I was ready to see the doctor myself.  As soon as we left the hospital, we received the call that he has passed.

Matthew told me later that he feels that's what Grandpa was waiting for.  Matt said he felt that Grandpa wanted Matt to take care of his family first.  I couldn't help but smile at this, as I felt terrible leaving the hospital.

Although I'm still pretty miserable, I'm still trying to smile:

Smiling always helps you through the tough times.

Please keep your prayers with my beloved in laws.

And, this includes my husband's cousin and her family.
We found out some devastating news and only hope this will turn around for the positive.

I love you all!

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